Bermuda grass extract: Enhancing Immunity for Better Wellness

Bermuda grass extract

Bermuda grass extract: Enhancing Immunity for Better Wellness

Various health studies have established important claims associated with the use of the medicinal herb Bermuda grass or Cynodon dactylon but the most significant finding on the herb’s health benefits, according to a certain University, is the claim that it enhances overall immune system function. Bermuda grass extract has long been used in ancient medical practices in the treatment of various disorders. The extract contains high amounts of detoxifying compounds which help cleanse the bowel to prevent digestive system disorders. It also contains 65% of Chlorophyll which helps facilitate effective production of red blood cells, thus enhancing oxygenation of distal body portions. With the many claims on the potential health uses of Bermuda grass extract, it is believed to be one of the most significant components of modern health supplements.

What is Bermuda grass extract?

Also known as Cynodon dactylon, Bermuda grass is a perennial grass growing abundantly in India and other tropical regions. Aside from its widespread use in the field of medicine, historical studies show that the grass is also used in ornamentation and for many other purposes. The Bermuda grass typically undergoes several processes of extraction in order to develop Bermuda grass extract, the most common health supplement ingredient form of Bermuda grass. Many studies on Cynodon dactylon health benefits are primarily conducted on animal subjects as no actual human studies, except quantitative researches, have yet been conducted. With the evolution of modern technology, however, experts say that the qualitative studies involving humans to prove Bermuda grass extract health benefits may be initiated in the years to come.

Health benefits of using Bermuda grass extract

Included with other herbal health supplement ingredients, Bermuda grass extract is believed to provide a wide range of health benefits. Scientists claim that the compound can provide the following benefits:

  1. It can control sugar levels

Diabetic patients with unusual sugar levels, in a quantitative study, have been observed have lower blood sugar levels following Bermuda grass extract supplementation. Researches also show that the extract can work for both short-term and long-term Diabetes cases, although its effects in sudden blood sugar shoot-ups is not yet fully established, thus making it not ideal as insulin replacement.

  1. It can treat and prevent infections

Studies have long established the antimicrobial effects of Bermuda grass extract against several strains of bacteria and viruses. It has also been proven to work against urinary tract infections and common skin infections. Bermuda grass extract supplementation is also effective in the prevention of bacterial growth.

  1. It may promote weight loss

Another important study on Bermuda grass extract use which is currently the subject in various blog sites is the fact that it may promote weight loss and prevent obesity. The exact mechanism on how Bermuda grass extract provides this health benefit is not yet fully established.


Bermuda grass extract is among the safest and most efficient health supplement ingredients. It must be taken, however, within recommended doses.

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