Beta carotene: The Cancer-fighting Nutrient for Skin Health

Beta carotene

Beta carotene: The Cancer-fighting Nutrient for Skin Health

Many fruits and vegetables with orange or red pigment are known to contain massive amounts of Beta carotene, a well-known useful carotenoid for disease prevention and enhancement of overall physical health. Although it can be taken through diet, some individuals need to take Beta carotene through health supplementation as their the amount of the nutrient in food sources may not be sufficient to meet a person’s daily need for Vitamin A. When taken up in the human body, the supplement ingredient is converted into its active form Vitamin A. It is then transported by the blood into the different parts of the body for use in improving immunity, enhancing skin health and even nourishing the cells in the eyes. Beta carotene supplementation is essential especially among individuals who are diagnosed with Vitamin A deficiency. Low Vitamin A levels have long been associated with several serious symptoms which may affect longevity.

What is Beta carotene?

Beta carotene is simply the inactive form of Vitamin A which is isolated from fruits and vegetables with orange or reddish pigmentation. It may also be found in yellow-colored food sources. Experts have long conducted studies on Beta carotene and its effects in the human body. Although no list has yet been finalized on the benefits of using Beta carotene, experts are discovering many other uses of the supplement ingredient through advanced health studies. Recently, it was established that Beta carotene possesses antioxidant properties. This means that it may be effective in cleansing the body from toxic materials and free radicals that destroy body cells and cause genetic mutations. Also, through its antioxidant properties, experts believe that Beta carotene may be useful in preventing cancer cell growth, as well as in improving skin appearance as it prevents damage on skin cells. There are many other important uses of Beta carotene in the human body but these health claims must first be subjected to confirmatory studies.

What are the benefits of using Beta carotene?

Experts say that inactive nutrient forms like Beta carotene are generally safe for use among individual users. They are also used primarily in supplement formulations as they provide a wide range of health benefits. The following are some of the uses of Beta carotene:

  1. It may support healthy pregnancy

Studies show that Beta carotene supplementation among pregnant women helps improve development of the growing fetus. It is also said to be useful in increasing milk production after pregnancy.

  1. It may help prevent rheumatoid arthritis

Patients who are at risk for developing Rheumatoid arthritis may find benefit with Beta carotene supplementation, as established in several health studies.

  1. It improves overall appearance

Taking Beta carotene may also be useful in improving a person’s overall appearance. According to studies, sufficient Beta carotene supply in the body helps provide a healthy skin glow.


There are almost no risks associated with Beta carotene supplementation as it is generally found in food sources. It must not be taken, however, in excessive doses.


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