Beta Cyclodextrin: An Essential Cyclic Oligosaccharide for Drug Molecule Complexing

Beta Cyclodextrin is an Essential Cyclic Oligosaccharide for Drug Molecule Complexing

Beta Cyclodextrin: An Essential Cyclic Oligosaccharide for Drug Molecule Complexing

Beta Cyclodextrin is an essential component of many drugs and dietary supplement products as it complexes with various hydrophobic compounds in product formulations. Studies are currently being conducted to determine the effects of the compound in possibly controlling atherosclerosis and obesity.

What is Beta Cyclodextrin?

Beta Cyclodextrin is a cyclic oligosaccharide used as a complexing agent. It has several applications in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic product industries. The compound, along with other cyclodextrins, is known to help improve the solubility and stability of compounds in chemical formulations. Research shows that Beta Cyclodextrins may enhance color, increase stability, and enhance water solubility of carotenoid food colorants when it is complexed with the said compounds. Beta cyclodextrin naturally occurs in the environment and has been subjected to researches as early as the late 1800s.

The compound Beta-Cyclodextrin is otherwise referred to in chemical formulations as β-Cyclodextrin, Beta-Cyclodextrin, Cyclomaltoheptaose, or Cycloheptaglucan. It is identified as having CAS number 7585-39-9 and the molecular formula is C42H70O35. Its molecular weight is 1134.98 g/mol. Essentially, Beta Cyclodextrins appear as cone-shaped molecules. While hydrophobic in the cavity, the compound is known to be hydrophilic at the outer surface.

Beta Cyclodextrin in pharmaceutical product formulations has a white crystalline appearance. While it is known to improve the water solubility of many compounds, Beta Cyclodextrin is the most poorly soluble form among cyclodextrins. 

Beta Cyclodextrins forms and specifications

Beta Cyclodextrins are typically included in pharmaceutical formulations in powder forms with a 99% purity assay. Beta Cyclodextrin powder 99% may be purchased from legitimate ingredient suppliers like Nutriavenue in bulk quantities or lesser amounts.

When buying bulk Beta Cyclodextrin powder 99% from Nutriavenue, the product is usually packed in paper drums with two layers of poly bags inside. Each drum usually contains a net weight of 25 kilograms. As per the customer’s preference, however, the packaging material may vary.

Types of Cyclodextrins

Cyclodextrins or “cellulosine” as previously named are a group of oligosaccharides produced from starch through enzymatic conversions. They usually contain several glucose monomers which create the distinction between their types.

Alpha Cyclodextrins are those that contain six glucose subunits. Beta Cyclodextrins are those with 7 glucose subunits and Gamma Cyclodextrins are those with 8 glucose subunits. While Beta Cyclodextrins are the most poorly soluble among the three Cyclodextrins, they can be easily obtained through crystallization. In contrast, both Alpha and Gamma Cyclodextrins, while more soluble, are obtained through more complex, expensive, and time-consuming chromatography procedures.

Beta Cyclodextrin safety

Beta Cyclodextrin and other Cyclodextrin forms are classified by the Food and Drug Administration as “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS). Cyclodextrins are normally nondigestible, noncariogenic saccharides that, when ingested in the human body, reduce the digestion of carbohydrates and fats. Hence, they are essentially safe and effective for human consumption.

How does Beta Cyclodextrin work?

Generally, Beta Cyclodextrin works by forming an inclusion complex with certain compound molecules. In most cases, the compound molecules to which the complex attaches have poor water solubility. The complex of Beta Cyclodextrin is known to improve the bioavailability and dissolution rate of pharmaceutical compounds. It also increases the water solubility of many molecules.

In general, cyclodextrins are also known to enhance the penetration of drug molecules in mucosal layers of cells and body tissues.

Beta Cyclodextrin Uses

As an inclusion to drug and dietary supplement formulations, Beta Cyclodextrin usually provide the following benefits:

It improves drug delivery

Studies reveal that the use of Beta Cyclodextrin helps improve drug delivery by improving molecule stability and solubility. The hydrophilic outer surface and hydrophobic cortex structure of Beta Cyclodextrin allow the formation of complexes with certain drug molecules. In turn, the complex easily penetrates tissues, so that the active components of the drug can therapeutically act under specific conditions.

It improves bioavailability

Drug molecule bioavailability is affected by factors including stability and solubility. Beta Cyclodextrin is known to enhance the bioavailability of poorly soluble compounds, as well as those with unstable structures, by allowing their absorption in tissues until they are made available into their biological destinations.

It may be used in chromatography

Among the three cyclodextrins, Beta Cyclodextrin is the most popular as it extends its use to chromatography procedures. It is typically used to produce a media for stationary phase for High-performance liquid chromatography separations.


Beta Cyclodextrins and other cyclodextrin forms are also used in encapsulating ethanol to produce alcohol powder. When mixed with water, the said alcohol powder may produce an alcoholic beverage.

Cyclodextrins may also be used to bind fragrances, so that the said fragrance may only be released when heated through ironing or with human body heat. Beta Cyclodextrins are also believed to trap odor-causing molecules.

Beta Cyclodextrin side effects

Cyclodextrins like Beta Cyclodextrins are generally known to be nontoxic. Hence, when taken within recommended daily doses, Beta Cyclodextrins do not cause serious side effects. It was, however, observed that some users of drugs and dietary supplement compounds with Beta Cyclodextrin experience mild side effects such as vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. Indigestion is also a common side effect of the compound.

Beta Cyclodextrin Acceptable Daily Intake

The acceptable daily intake for Beta Cyclodextrin as provided in the majority of studies is 5mg/kg body weight. The said acceptable daily intake may vary depending on the individual user’s age, weight, and overall physical condition. Due to potential drug interactions, health practitioners say that the compound must be used with physician’s recommendations among patients who are taking certain medications for diagnosed illnesses.

Where to buy bulk Beta Cyclodextrin?

When choosing a great ingredient supplier for bulk Beta Cyclodextrin purchase, it is important to consider the legitimacy and product quality of the supplier.

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