Betaine anhydrous Controlling Homocysteine Levels

Betaine anhydrous

Betaine anhydrous Controlling Homocysteine Levels

Health compounds found naturally in the human body and typically isolated from fruit and vegetable sources are believed to be the safest health supplement compounds not only because of their proven efficiency but also because of their presumed safety. Not only are these compounds necessary for preventive purposes through dietary supplementation but they are also approved by the US FDA for certain therapeutic health effects. Among the most popular bodybuilding compound approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Association for purposes of treating high homocysteine levels is Betaine anhydrous. Different dosages are adapted by health experts in using Betaine anhydrous as it has various uses but for health supplement manufacture, recommended doses are already laid down.

What is Betaine anhydrous?

For health supplement formulation purposes, Betaine anhydrous is typically isolated from spinach, sugar beets and other food sources. The compound, being a naturally-occurring chemical, is believed to play vital roles in several physiologic processes. Since its early discovery, experts have been looking into the possible functions of the compound as well as the feasibility of including food-isolated Betaine anhydrous in health supplements. Since very minimal side effects, which are primarily associated with overdose, are discovered, scientists have made clear conclusions that Betaine anhydrous is an ideal health supplement ingredient.

Potential Health Benefits of Using Betaine anhydrous

Although most clinical studies point out to Betaine anhydrous as a potential treatment for excessive homocysteine levels, some independent studies have revealed some other benefits of taking the compound through supplementation. There are no US FDA approvals to date on the following health benefits but most experts are convinced as to the compound’s efficiency:

  • It may help prevent cardiovascular collapse

Homocysteine is a toxic compound in the body which increases a person’s risk from developing atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular conditions. One of the probable direct results of taking Betaine anhydrous supplements, which has been confirmed by certain studies, is that it may help prevent development of cardiovascular conditions by effectively lowering Homocysteine levels. In some studies, it was also provided that it may reduce excessive fat levels in the blood, leading to prevention of blood vessel-narrowing conditions.

  • It improves digestive efficiency

As a natural compound, Betaine anhydrous, as shown in studies, may play an essential role in regulating digestion. Although the body produces adequate levels of Betaine anhydrous among younger individuals, the production of the compound may eventually reduce with the decline of the body’s physiologic functions during the adulthood stage. Supplementing Betaine anhydrous, according to experts, may be a good way to improve digestion even among adults and elderly individuals.

  • It protects kidneys from damage

Since Homocysteine is primarily eliminated through the kidneys, severe damage is expected in the nephrons following long-term high homocysteine levels. In one study, experts made a conclusion that Betaine anhydrous may help protect kidneys from damage by controlling Homocysteine levels.


Betaine anhydrous is also popular as a bodybuilding compound. It is generally indicated for adults and elderly individuals as it these age groups are at high risk for high Homocysteine levels.

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