Better Appetite, Better Wellness with Hops flower extract supplements

Hops flower extract

Better Appetite, Better Wellness with Hops flower extract supplements

Aside from its relaxing aroma, Hops flower extract is now used in the manufacture of health supplements as it is proven to provide several unique health benefits especially among patients with hormonal imbalances. Various drugs approved under the US Food and Drug Association indicated for patients suffering from sleeping disorders like insomnia also include Hops flower extract in their formulations. Experts say that the extract is typically safe and effective within recommended doses and may cause only mild side effects in relatively high amounts but warnings are clearly raised against use of the extract among patients suffering from serious metabolic disorder as it may cause certain adverse effects.

What is Hops flower extract?

Hops is a flowering plant cultivated worldwide and commonly in tropical regions. The use of the plant in the field of medicine dates back to ancient civilizations where the leaves, flowers and roots of Hops are used in formulating medicines for respiratory disorders, menstrual pains and digestive conditions. Since the plant is widely available and readily accessible in communities, scientific studies were conducted to determine its efficiency and safety. In the recent decades, experts were able to establish several health benefits of using Hops flower extract in medicine, although these claims are mostly based on animal subject studies. A lot of manufacturers of dietary supplements today use Hops flower extract not only for its health effects but also for its proven safety.

Uses of Hops flower extract in medicine

Along with other healthful compounds, Hops flower extract is believed to enhance overall health and wellness in various ways. The following are some of the health effects of using Hops flower extract:

  1. It may prevent cancer growth

Tumor growth on the ovaries, uterus and breasts among women are commonly associated with hormonal imbalances, as found in one study. Experts say that improving hormonal balance through Hops flower extract supplementation may potentially prevent cancer growth among women. Some studies also reveal that the active components of the extract may prevent prostate cancer among men which is also widely associated with hormonal imbalance.

  1. It treats anxiety

Anxiety which has developed into a long-term mental state is usually treated with several psychological approaches but for biological treatment, experts highly recommend the use of Hops flower extract. Studies show that the extract taken from the flower of Hops may help enhance mood and treat off anxiety by targeting brain cells and improving neurotransmitter production. Anxiety associated with hormonal problems may also be treated with Hops flower extract.

  1. It may improve appetite

Loss of appetite is brought about by various factors including psychological stress. In one study, Hops flower extract, especially when taken through inhalation routes, may help relieve stress and anxiety, thereby improving appetite and mood.


A regular dose of Hops flower extract may improve wellness in various ways. Hops flower extract must, however, be formulated with other useful compounds for synergistic effects.

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