Betulin: The Proven And Tested Diabetes Mellitus Cure


Betulin: The Proven And Tested Diabetes Mellitus Cure

An improved metabolic system results to overall enhancement of vital body functions as all processes happening in the human body begins with an effective cellular metabolism. For years, experts have conducted important clinical researches to discovery naturally-available compound which can improve metabolism and boost body function. In several studies, it was found that Betulin, a compound found in the bark of white Birch tree, offers varieties of benefits to the body’s metabolism process, thereby enhancing overall health. Many modern disorders are expected to be prevented and controlled with the use of Betulin in the form of health supplementation. In terms of qualitative research, however, Betulin is not yet fully studied upon by experts.

 What is Betulin?

Betulin is a naturally-occurring compound found in several plant species but it is mostly isolated from the bark of white birch tree. When introduced into the human body, the compound Betulin is converted into Betulinic Acid which is more bioactive and readily available. Betulin generally targets stresol regulatory element-binding proteins in the human body which are responsible for biosynthesis of fat molecules such as cholesterol, triglycerides and fatty acids. Through this mode of action, Betulin is believed to help prevent Diabetes Mellitus Type II, a disorder associated with accumulation of fatty molecules into the cellular receptors of the cells. Although studies are mostly conducted only on animal subjects, quantitative researches to establish the claim have already been initiated in various laboratory set-ups.

Health benefits of using Betulin

Many individuals taking Betulin-containing health supplements are observed to have lower risks for lifestyle-associated health conditions. Experts claim that the compound can provide the following health benefits to individual users:

  • It may promote weight loss

Studies are currently being conducted to determine the feasibility of using Betulin as a potential treatment for obesity and overweight conditions. Experts say that by lowering cholesterol levels and preventing accumulation of fats in cellular key receptors, Betulin may prevent blood sugar increase and promote effective weight loss. Some manufacturers of health supplements include and advertise Betulin as a weight loss ingredient but it provides more important benefits aside from fat loss.

  • It may promote cardiovascular health

Lowered cholesterol and triglyceride levels brought about by Betulin supplementation can also result to improved cardiovascular health. Betulin helps prevent development of atherosclerosis or the accumulation of fats in the internal layers of the blood vessels. It also prevents Coronary Artery Disease or CAD which is one of the factors leading to heart attack.

  • It has anti-bacterial effects

Betulin is also found to help prevent growth and spread of various strains of bacteria. There are limited evidences however, on the effects of Betulin on viruses and other microorganisms.


The use of Betulin in health supplement formulations is highly advisable. Although it has low toxicity, safety standards must be established for Betulin supplement use.

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