Bitter melon Charantin: The Modern Blood Sugar Reducer

Bitter melon Charantin

Bitter melon Charantin: The Modern Blood Sugar Reducer

Across Asian regions and even in some areas in the Western hemisphere, Bitter melon is highly recognized as a potential treatment for both Type I and Type II Diabetes Mellitus. It is observed to work primarily by reducing insulin resistance, which in turn results to effective absorption of glucose in body cells and reduction of sugar in the blood. Although there are no proofs as to the effect of Bitter melon in insulin production, it is established in quantitative researches as a highly potential cure for Diabetes. The compound primarily responsible for the hypoglycemic effects of Bitter melon is Charantin. While Bitter melon Charantin can be isolated individually for purposes of health supplement formulations indicated for Diabetic patients and high-risk individuals, the use of Bitter melon compounds as a whole is more advisable for effective synergistic effects.

What is Bitter melon Charantin?

Charantin is a chemical found in the medicinal herb Bitter melon. It has been discovered as a potential hypoglycemic agent in as early as the 1960’s but it only received recognition in many fields of healthcare in the recent decades. With the increase in statistical quantities of patients suffering from Diabetes Mellitus, experts say that Bitter melon Charantin may become a highly demanded compound in the medical field. Due to lack of understanding on the exact pharmacodynamic effects of Charantin in the human body as well as the potential side effects of the compound, Charantin is not yet recognized as Hyperglycemia cure. Today, it is only limited as a health supplement ingredient for alternative Diabetes Mellitus treatment.

Health benefits of using Bitter melon Charantin

Reduction in blood sugar levels result to many direct health benefits which include improved circulation and prevention of multiple organ failure. Bitter melon Charantin is also found to provide other health benefits which include the following:

  1. It may promote cardiovascular health

In a study involving anaesthetized cats, it was observed that Bitter melon Charantin effectively reduces blood pressure. It was also observed in study that the compound enhances cardiac contractility among frog subjects. These findings highly suggest that Bitter melon Charantin may promote cardiovascular health among humans.

  1. It may enhance energy levels

Taking Bitter melon Charantin is also effective in increasing energy levels as it shifts sugar from blood to the body cells. This health effect addresses long-term exhaustion which is a usual symptom among patients with Diabetes.

  1. It may control tremors

Experts have also observed that Bitter melon Charantin has anti-sialogogue effects. This means that it may delay manifestation of tremors. This claim is still subject to further studies to ensure safety among patients.


Charantin in Bitter melon is currently among the most important subjects of many health studies. It is safe for use and generally effective.

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