Bitter Melon Extract: The Bitter Ingredient for a Better Life

Bitter Melon Extract

Bitter Melon Extract: The Bitter Ingredient for a Better Life

Although it tastes bitter, experts say that the edible medicinal fruit Bitter melon provides many health benefits and makes the body feel better. Decades of studies reveal that Bitter melon extract may help prevent Diabetes Mellitus, Cancers and other toxin-associated conditions as the compounds in the extract effectively eliminates impurities in the blood and body cells.

Bitter melon can help improve health when taken through dietary sources but it may also provide benefits when taken through health supplementation in the form of herbal extract. Having been in the field of alternative medicine in as early as the 14th century, quantitative studies have already confirmed many health claims associated with the use of Bitter melon extract. It is currently being studied upon, however, to determine the effects of all of the compounds in Bitter melon extract on the human body, as well as the extent of safe dose.

What is Bitter melon extract?

Otherwise known as Bitter gourd, Bitter melon extract has long been in the field of medicine as it is used in the treatment of various conditions affecting the immune system. Many experts say that although the exact pharmacodynamic effects of Bitter melon extract is unknown, its proven effect in cleansing body cells and reducing toxic substance accumulation results to its many health benefits. In the early days, Bitter melon is used more widely in the culinary field as it has a rich unique bitter taste. Following observations that it improves overall health and contains nutritious compounds, interest on the development of health supplement products containing Bitter melon extract has begun in the modern alternative medicine field. Today, many manufacturers of supplements include Bitter melon extract, along with other herbal extracts, in their specific formulations as the extract is proven to improve wellness and prevent various modern lifestyle-associated conditions.

What are the benefits of using Bitter melon extract?

Bitter melon extract supplementation is generally helpful for adults, as well as adolescent girls and boys. Studies show that taking Bitter melon extract may provide the following health benefits:

1. It reduces blood sugar levels

The compounds charntin and other nutrients in Bitter melon extract are shown to significantly reduce blood sugar in patients who are suffering from Diabetes Mellitus. This is a very important finding in the field of medicine.

2. It may relieve asthma

Asthma and other problems affecting the respiratory system are believed to be controlled with Bitter melon extract supplementation. Experts say that the extract helps reduce inflammation in the lungs, thereby improving respiration.

3. It reduces skin itching

Skin itching brought about by exposure to environmental risks can be prevented with Bitter melon extract supplementation, as found in studies. The extract may also reduce fungal infection in the skin.


Bitter melon extract is one of the evidences that bitter fruits and vegetables are best for better health. The extract is generally safe for use but must not be used by pregnant and lactating mothers when not indicated by physicians.

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