Bitter sophora root extract: A Healthful Tool for Microbial Growth

Bitter sophora root extract2

The bitter sophora root which is used extensively in health supplement manufacture is usually confused with bitter ginseng as it has an almost similar appearance. However, it is said to be different as it belongs to a different species and is used for a completely different set of health benefits. Bitter sophora root extract is widely used in the control of bacterial growth in the human body. It is said to be effective against several strains of microorganisms, but it must be taken within a given number of days to prevent super infection. It is also said to be effective against certain parasites in the human body including helminthic worms. For purposes of health supplementation, however, relative doses of Bitter sophora root extract are typically included for anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory purposes.

What is Bitter sophora root extract?

The extract of Sophora flavenscens or bitter sophora root extract is a rich source of essential compounds such as alkaloids, flavones and matrine. When taken altogether, these essential compounds promote overall wellness through several mechanisms of action. Other parts of the Sophora flavenscens plant may also have contributory effects in the field of alternative medicine but the roots of the plant are shown to yield highest quantities of essential nutrients. Bitter sophora root extract is currently being subjected to studies as it was observed to have potential anti-tumor effects. It is believed to have anti-proliferative effects, although it is not yet fully understood how it reduces cancer cell growth. Some experts believe that Bitter sophora root extract work by interfering with the cellular growth of cancer cells, thereby controlling rapid replication of the immature cells.

Health benefits of Bitter sophora root extract

Taking Bitter sophora root extract supplements may provide the following health benefits:

  • It has antioxidant effects

There are several compounds in Bitter sophora root extract which are shown to have potential antioxidant effects. Not only are antioxidants useful in preventing cancer but they are also believed to promote skin cell detoxification, thereby enhancing overall skin appearance.

  • It has diuretic effects

Patients who are suffering from kidney conditions are usually prescribed with diuretic medications to prevent excessive fluid accumulation in the interstitial space of the cells. Experts say that Bitter sophora root extract may have contributory effects in diuresis promotion.

  • It has anti-arrhythmic effects

Cardiac arrhythmia can be a dangerous health conditions. It can be prevented, according to researches, through Bitter sophora root extract supplementation as the compounds in the extract are shown to improve cardiac rhythm.


The compounds in Bitter sophora root extract help improve many processes in the human body including cardiovascular function. It is generally safe for use among healthy individuals but it must be taken with caution among individuals diagnosed with serious health conditions.

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