Black rice extract known as the “Forbidden Rice”

Black rice extract

Black rice extract known as the “Forbidden Rice”

Most rice variations which are often used in both culinary and medical fields are of brown and white colors but in various recently concluded studies, medical experts have found that a “new variety” of rice known as Black rice can provide tons of health benefits not often observed in ordinary rice varieties. Black rice is not really “new” as it has been in existence for thousands of years across Asian regions. It is, however, only recognized as a rice variety and a potential source of health benefits as it was only in the modern era where the use of Black rice became prevalent. In the olden times in Chinese regions, emperors severely punish individuals who eat Black rice on the context that it is a cursed variety. Today, individuals who take Black rice and health supplements containing Black rice extract are at an advantage as compared to others as the extract is packed with vitamins and minerals which promote health.

What is Black rice extract?

The history behind the “Forbidden Black Rice” has been passed on from generation to generation in China and other Asian regions. While some individuals believe that the prohibition on its use in anchored on the belief that it is cursed, some historians would say that it was withheld from public as it was branded as “nobility rice”. Only kinsmen and other high-ranking individuals eat Black rice as it was observed, even in the early days, as a potential enhancer of kidney, liver and stomach health. Many studies have been conducted on Black rice extract and its effects in the human body, both on the positive and the negative side. With all the quantitative studies evidencing heightened beneficial use of Black rice extract, health experts have recommended manufacturers to include the ingredient in their health supplement formulations.

What are the benefits of using Black rice extract?

Specific benefits of using Black rice extract include the following:

  • It has antioxidant properties

Compared to other varieties of rice, Black rice extract contains several classes of antioxidants, making it a very good source antioxidant health benefits. Increased antioxidants help prevent cancer formation and enhance detoxification processes in the body.

  • It cleanses the digestive tract

Black rice extract is also a rich source of fiber. This means that it cleanses the colon and the intestines and promotes effective digestion. Healthy digestion results to effective nutrient absorption.

  • It prevents risk for Diabetes

By improving digestion and nutrient absorption, many studies suggest that Black rice extract may also be useful in reducing risk for the lifestyle-associated condition Diabetes Mellitus Type II.


Many cultures may have trampled upon Black rice in the past but today, it is exalted as one of the best health supplement ingredients. It is generally safe for use for individuals of all ages.

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