2 New Ingredients Approved: Blueberry Anthocyanins And Rye Pollen

Blueberry Anthocyanins and Rye Pollen

2 New Ingredients Approved: Blueberry Anthocyanins And Rye Pollen

On May 6, 2023, the Health and Medical Commission announced No. 3 in 2023, approving two new food ingredients, including blueberry anthocyanins and rye pollen, six new varieties of food additives (expanding the scope of use), and six food-related products of new types.

Blueberry Anthocyanins Powder

Blueberry anthocyanin is a powdery substance made from the fruit of Vaccinium corymbosum L. through enzymatic hydrolysis, water extraction, purification, concentration, and drying.

How about such similar ingredients apply in foreign?

  • Canada approves using blueberry extract (anthocyanin content ≥ 40%) as a natural and healthy food.
  • The EU uses anthocyanins from vegetables and fruits as food additives.
  • The United States uses anthocyanins from grapes and grape skins as food additives, allowing them to use in food.

Powdered blueberry anthocyanins dosage

The recommended consumption amount of blueberry anthocyanins approved by China is blueberry anthocyanins with a total anthocyanin content of 40.0% 800 mg/day. Those exceeding this content shall be converted according to the actual content.

The new food raw material blueberry anthocyanin was declared in October 2021, and the displayed name was “Lanmei No. 1 blueberry extract”. Lanmei declares this product. The company extracts 15 complete anthocyanins from the blueberry fruit of “Lanmei No. 1”, and the purity of the total anthocyanins is as high as 40%. “Lanmei No. 1” anthocyanins have reached a high-level medicinal standard of anthocyanins.

Liquid Chromatogram of Blueberry Anthocyanins
Pic Source: Health Commission official website

Judging from the reference liquid chromatogram of blueberry anthocyanins, the type and content of anthocyanins are higher than that of lingonberry, and the content of 40% is much higher than the specification of ordinary blueberry extract.

Technically, it has certain competitiveness. It has excellent wide application potential as a natural pigment and functional food ingredient.

Rye Pollen Powder

The base plant of rye pollen is Secale Cereale L., which is native to Central Asia and the Mediterranean and is widely planted in Europe.

This product is made from harvested rye pollen, dried and separated. In Japan and Korea, pollen as a food category does not limit its source plant, and rye pollen can be eaten as food. In the United States, rye pollen is sold as a food ingredient.

The recommended consumption of this product is ≤1.5g/day.

Rye pollen was declared as a new food raw material in October 2021, and it is also the first pollen-type new food raw material approved in China. This raw material is the brand Graminex® raw material of American Graminex L.L.C company. Solvent-free extraction. The product can be used in capsules, tablets, beverages, and other dosage forms. It supports prostate health, liver health, women’s menopausal health, and immune health.

In fact, many pollen raw materials in our country are common food raw materials, such as rape pollen, corn pollen, pine pollen, sunflower pollen, milk vetch pollen, buckwheat pollen, sesame pollen, sorghum pollen, etc. Now rye pollen has been added. With the continuous expansion of pollen-edible resources, the development of functional foods using pollen as raw materials may become a new hot spot in the future.


D-psicose-3-epimerase derived from Bacillus subtilis was approved as a new variety of enzyme preparation for the food industry. The U.S. FDA allows it to be used as an enzyme preparation for the food industry.

As an enzyme preparation for the food industry, this substance is mainly used to catalyze D-fructose to obtain D-psicose. Its quality specification follows the “National Food Safety Standard Food Additive Enzyme Preparation for Food Industry” (GB 1886.174).

Since 2020, many companies have applied for new food raw materials for D-psicose. And D-psicose-3-epimerase is the most important enzyme preparation in the production process of D-psicose. Legalizing enzyme preparations will speed up the approval of new raw food materials for D-psicose.

The market for D-psicose is already hot. After the identity of the new food raw material is determined, it may change the current pattern of the sugar substitute market.

L-selenium-methyl selenocysteine

L-selenium-methyl-selenocysteine as a food nutrition fortifier has been included in the “National Food Safety Standard Food Nutrition Fortifier Use Standard” (GB 14880) to fortify the content of selenium in food.

This substance is used as a food nutritional fortifier for prepared milk powder (except for children’s milk powder) and prepared milk powder (only for children’s milk powder) (food category 01.03.02), rice and its products (food category 06.02), wheat flour And its products (food category 06.03), miscellaneous grain powder and its products (food category 06.04), bread (food category 07.01), biscuits (food category 07.03), milk beverages (food category 14.03.01).

The L-selenium-methyl selenocysteine applied for this time is a new production process. The quality specification applies to N-acetyl-3-chloro-L-serine methyl ester and sodium methyl-selenide as raw materials. Food nutrition enhancer L-selenium-methyl-selenocysteine is obtained through substitution reaction, hydrochloric acid hydrolysis, and refining. Its scope of use and dosage is consistent with the provisions of approved selenium in GB 14880.

Fortified foods contain selenium, which supports immune health. With the update and iteration of technology, fortified selenium-enriched food will benefit more consumers.

Nutri Avenue will continue to focus on which new ingredients are approved. And we are also dedicated to offering various bulk raw ingredients for customers. We are looking forward to you choosing us to be your business partner.

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