Boron Citrate: Hormone-regulating Compound for Everyday Health

Boron Citrate

Boron Citrate: Hormone-regulating Compound for Everyday Health

Although the mineral Boron is easily found in the environment and can be taken from dietary sources, many statistical surveys show that the bodily needs for Boron is best met through health supplementation. The compound plays several significant roles in the human body which include bone density support and prevention of musculoskeletal inflammatory conditions. In the recent years, however, experts have found that Boron has a specific function in enhancing and regulating hormonal levels among postmenopausal women. It is also found to regulate testosterone levels among men, thereby making it an ideal health supplement compound for hormonal imbalances. Pharmaceutical companies usually include Boron in the production of anti-inflammatory medications but among health supplement manufacturers, Boron is primarily included to promote homeostasis of bodily hormones.

What is Boron Citrate?

When included in health supplement forms, Boron is added with the compound Citrate for better absorption and longer bioavailability. Boron citrate as a health supplement ingredient is relatively new, although the mineral Boron has long been used in the field of medicine. Boron has also been used as a food preservative in the early decades as it helps prevent bacterial growth. In some studies, Boron Citrate is also found to support or sustain levels of other minerals in the human body such as Phosphorus and Magnesium. Adequate levels of Boron in the human body through Boron Citrate supplementation is associated with several health benefits for longevity and wellness.

Health benefits of taking Boron Citrate supplements

Supplementing Boron Citrate can help regulate hormones, prevent demineralization of bones and control bacterial growth both in the surface of the skin and in the internal body structures. These functions can lead to several health benefits including the following:

  • It may promote lean muscle mass development

Men who take Boron Citrate health supplements are observed to have improved lean muscle mass development as the compound effectively increases testosterone production. Testosterone is among the hormones which affect development of secondary sex characteristics, including muscle mass growth and development. Studies also reveal that an increase in testosterone levels can result to faster weight loss.

  • It helps prevent osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a backbone condition very common among post-menopausal women. It can cause serious debilitating symptoms which increases a patient’s risk for injuries. Studies show that by increasing hormonal levels among women, Boron Citrate effectively prevents osteoporosis and protects post-menopausal women from elderly injuries.

  • It may prevent cancer cell growth

One of the newest discoveries on the potential effects of Boron Citrate supplementation is the prevention of cancer cell growth. The pattern on how Boron Citrate prevents cancer, however, is not yet fully known.


There are limited risks associated with the use of Boron Citrate in health supplements but for safety, it must be used only within physician-recommended quantities and dosages. 

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