Boswellia acid: A Cancer-fighting Compound with Anti-asthmatic Health Benefits

Boswellia acid

Boswellia acid: A Cancer-fighting Compound with Anti-asthmatic Health Benefits

Natural cancer fighters are currently gaining popularity all over the world as the statistical surveys reveal that the number of cancer patients will most probably rise in the next few years. Aside from preventing cancer cell growth through various processes such as detoxification enhancement and cancer cell apoptosis promotion, natural cancer-fighting herbal extracts and compounds also provide various health benefits which lead to the improvement of overall wellness. Boswellia or Boswellic acid is one of the most useful natural cancer fighters of the current generation. There are several studies being conducted now on Boswellia acid as experts try to establish the effects of the compound in the body, as well as potential side effects when taken in low or high doses. With the overwhelming number of quantitative evidences proving efficiency of Boswellia acid, many manufacturers of health supplement products now include the compound in their formulations.

What is Boswellia acid?

Boswellia acid refers to compounds or molecules which are isolated from a plant group known as Boswellia. It is currently among the central focus of studies as it is shown to enhance cancer cell apoptosis in tumors affecting the brain and the colon. Leukemia or cancer of the blood brought about by massive increase in the number of immature white blood cells is also said to be treated with Boswellia acid supplementation. These findings have been observed in quantitative studies on animal subjects and are believed to work in the same way among human users. During the historic times, studies show that Boswellia acid was also used in some cultures as an alternative treatment for various conditions affecting the skin. It is either applied topically or taken by mouth. When taken within doctor-recommended doses, there are no risks associated with Boswellia acid use.

Health benefits of using Boswellia acid

Including Boswellia acid in health supplement formulations is ideal for various reasons. The following are among the other advantages and benefits of using Boswellia acid:

  1. It may help treat menstrual problems

Women who are suffering from dysmenorrhea as well as elderly females who are experiencing changes in the body to hormonal imbalances may benefit with Boswellia acid supplementation as the compound is quite useful in regulating hormones. It may also help reduce muscle contractions to prevent severe dysmenorrhea.

  1. It may prevent inflammation

Boswellia acid is also known as a natural anti-inflammatory compound. Studies show that inflammatory joint conditions like rheumatism and arthritis may be treated with Boswellia acid supplementation. The compound is not intended to replace FDA-approved anti-inflammatory agents.

  1. It may help relieve asthma effects

Asthma is an inflammatory condition affecting the alveoli, the bronchioles or even the bronchus. Studies show that a compound known as leukotriene is the prime suspect for asthmatic attacks. By inhibiting the production of leukotriene, as found in researches, experts say that Boswellia acid effectively prevent the condition.


Boswellia acid is a safe and effective preventive measure for cancers and inflammatory conditions. It may be used on a regular basis but must be taken with caution for safety purposes.

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