Boswellia serrata: The Effective Cure for Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Boswellia serrata

Boswellia serrata: The Effective Cure for Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Natural cancer treatments are slowly becoming the ideal treatment for the disease as they help prevent and treat the disorder without risking the wellness of other organ systems in the human body. Although not yet fully proven, studies show that the herb Boswellia serrata is probably among the most effective natural treatments for cancer. Aside from preventing cancer cell growth, researchers are also developing interest over Boswellia serrata as it is shown to be effective in controlling effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Boswellia serrata can therefore be used before the onset of cancer among high risk patients or even when already diagnosed with cancer and undergoing cancer treatments. Boswellia serrata has also been shown to help prevent damage in healthy cells during cancer treatment. There are limited qualitative studies on Boswellia serrata as of the moment but it is believed to be quite effective for purposes of overall cancer prevention.

What is Boswellia serrata?

Boswellia serrata is the herb from which Frankincense is derived. It has been used in the field of alternative medicine for thousands of years, but has recently been studied upon for its health benefits in the modern generation. Boswellia serrata is primarily useful in the enhancement of effects of the immune system. It is thus used in immunity-associated illnesses such as common cough and colds and flu. It is also shown to be useful in controlling inflammations brought about by infections or trauma. Diet-associated inflammations of the joints including gouty arthritis are also shown to be treated with Boswellia serrata supplementation. Many experts believe that Boswellia serrata supplementation is safe and effective for use but due to lack of clinical studies on actual human subjects, taking Boswellia serrata in excessive doses may be quite dangerous. Some compounds in Boswellia serrata may also cause drug interactions in some medications. This is the reason why people who are undergoing drug therapies must consult their physician before using Boswellia serrata.

Health Benefits of using Boswellia serrata

Other than infection and inflammation control and preventing cancer cell growth, Boswellia serrata supplementation can be advantageous for various reasons. The following are among the benefits of using Boswellia serrata:

  • It helps improve skin health

Boswellic acid in Boswellia serrata is found to help improve skin health by eliminating toxins which destroy skin cells and cause rapid deterioration. This has been established in a health studies. Boswellia serrata is being used in the formulation of soaps and other skin health products as it protects skin cells from damage.

  • It reduces stress hormones

Boswellia serrata supplementation may also be useful in reducing stress hormones, as found in some other health studies. This may be effective for use by adults who are exposed to high levels of environmental stress.

  • It may help regulate hormones

Hormonal imbalances brought about by various factors may also be treated with Boswellia serrata supplementation.


Taking Boswellia serrata supplements is ideal for everyday use. It can help prevent cancer, control inflammation, decrease infections and even regulate hormones.

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