Boswellic acid: A Natural Cancer and Inflammation Reducer

Boswellic acid

Boswellic acid: A Natural Cancer and Inflammation Reducer

In modern medical science, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are so far the most recognized potential treatment for cancer. While these medical procedures are shown to kill cancer cells, they are associated with side effects which are quite disadvantageous to cancer patients. This is the reason why many researches are being conducted to develop natural cancer treatments which, aside from preventing growth of cancer cells, also prevent metastasis or the shifting of one cancer from one organ system to another. Several studies are now being conducted to fully establish the claim that Boswellic acid, a well-known modern health supplement ingredient, may prevent and treat cancer naturally without risks to individual users. Despite the lack of qualitative evidences on the claim, many quantitative researches show that Boswellic acid, within recommended doses, may indeed work against cancer cells.

What is Boswellic acid?

Boswellic acid refers to the group of compounds, specifically, pentacyclic triterpene molecules, which are isolated from a certain genus of plants known as Boswellia. For centuries, Boswellia has been recognized as a potential herbal source which is very effective in inflammatory health conditions. In the early days, alternative medicine practitioners observed that elephants eating Boswellia trees have prolonged lifespan as compared to those who do not eat the tree. With the observation having been conceived, medical practitioners have developed medications from Boswellia, which, in the modern days, resulted to the isolation of Boswellic acid. Boswellic acid is believed to be the group of compounds responsible for many health effects associated with Boswellia. It is safe for use among individual users, except in cases of overdose and improper use.

What are the benefits of using Boswellic acid?

Boswellic acid promotes health and wellness among individual adult users. Some of the well-known benefits of using Boswellic acid health supplements include the following:

  1. It may treat joint inflammatory disorders

Body joints are usually at high risk for inflammatory conditions due to their structural appearance and primary function. Some inflammatory conditions which usually develop with age include arthritis. Experts say that Boswellic acid may be useful in treating and preventing arthritis.

  1. It may improve blood vessel function and structure

Weakened blood vessels brought about by age or other health conditions are shown to have improved structure and elasticity following Boswellic acid supplementation. As an effect, Boswellic acid is believed to improve circulation.

  1. It may contribute to autoimmune disorder treatment

No specific treatments are available for autoimmune disorders but, according to studies, Boswellic acid supplementation may be useful in treating the conditions. This claim is still subject to in-depth researches for purposes of confirmation.


The mechanisms of action of Boswellic acid are slowly being discovered with the advent of medical researches and efficiency in conducting studies. It must be used within recommended doses, however, to prevent side effects.

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