Brewer’s yeast powder: The Blood Sugar Controller for Diabetics Supplement

Brewer’s yeast powder

Brewer’s yeast powder: The Blood Sugar Controller for Diabetics Supplement

Despite its bitter taste, Brewer’s yeast powder is known to provide a lot of sweet health benefits. Aside from being useful in the field of wine production as well as the baking industry, Brewer’s yeast powder is also necessary in the health supplement industry as it is known to improve body wellness in several amazing ways. Studies show that Brewer’s yeast powder contains high amounts of chromium, an essential compound in food sources which is believed to improve blood sugar levels and prevent sudden shoot-ups in blood sugar. Brewer’s yeast powder is thus necessary in health supplements indicated for Diabetic patients and those individuals who are at risk for developing Type II Diabetes Mellitus. It may also be useful among cardiovascular patients as it has certain benefits for the heart. Generally, Brewer’s yeast powder must be taken by adults only but when recommended by physicians, younger individuals may take relative amounts of Brewer’s yeast powder supplements.

What is Brewer’s yeast powder?

Brewer’s yeast powder is generally a known probiotic or a compound which helps improve overall digestion. It is derived from a single-celled fungus known as Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Aside from being a rich source of chromium, Brewer’s yeast powder is also known to contain nutrients including Vitamin B complex, Potassium and Iron. With all the nutrients found in Brewer’s yeast powder, it is known to be a very effective enhancer of overall health and wellness. There are several quantitative studies evidencing health benefits of Brewer’s yeast powder but limited qualitative studies are available to fully establish health claims. Experts believe, however, that when Brewer’s yeast powder supplement is included in the diet, optimum wellness may be obtained. Brewer’s yeast powder affects several organ systems of the human body which include the cardiovascular system, the digestive system and even the circulatory system. It is safe for use, as provided in studies.

What are the benefits of using Brewer’s yeast powder?

Supplementation of Brewer’s yeast powder has a lot of advantages. Aside from being safe for use, it is also effective in improving health through the following ways:

  1. It may help prevent Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a symptom which can indicate infection and other underlying conditions. Studies show that the probiotic component of Brewer’s yeast powder may help prevent diarrhea as it helps prevent sudden increase of normal microbial count in the gastrointestinal tract.

  1. It may promote weight loss

Many studies also suggest that Brewer’s yeast powder supplementation may be effective in promoting weight loss and enhancing lean muscle mass development. This mechanism may be used in the treatment of obesity and overweight conditions.

  1. It may reduce cholesterol

Studies also show that Brewer’s yeast powder is very effective in reducing cholesterol count in the body. This benefit helps improve overall cardiovascular health.


Brewer’s yeast powder may be taken from bread, wines and other food sources but it is best taken from health supplement products. Overdose of the ingredient should be avoided to prevent side effects.

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