Bromelain pineapple extract: An Effective Solution for Swelling

Bromelain pineapple extract

Bromelain pineapple extract: An Effective Solution for Swelling

A single drop of pineapple extract is known to contain high amounts of nutritional compounds which aid in digestion, improve cardiovascular health and promote overall health. Many phytochemical researches have shown, however, that aside from vitamins and minerals, pineapple extract also contains a certain enzyme which is very effective in controlling inflammation or swelling brought about by trauma and other causative factors. This enzyme is more commonly known as Bromelain. Bromelain pineapple extract is now included in the formulation of health supplement products indicated for individuals of all ages. It is also highly recommended among athletes and bodybuilders who are at high risk for inflammation after performance of extraneous exercises. The exact uses of Bromelain pineapple extract in the body is currently being studied upon by experts from all over the world to fully understand its mechanism of action.

What is Bromelain pineapple extract?

Bromelain pineapple extract is commonly found in the formulations of many modern health supplements. The enzyme Bromelain is typically found in the stem and juice of Pineapple. It may be supplemented by taking Pineapple juices or through health supplementation in the form of Bromelain pineapple extract. As of the moment, only the effect of Bromelain in reducing inflammation and swelling is understood by experts, although not fully presented in medical researches. It is also suggested that Bromelain pineapple extract may be effective in controlling blood clotting, which is an intended health effect among patients who are at high risk for developing strokes and myocardial infarctions. The anticoagulant effect of Bromelain pineapple extract is, however, not ideal among patients who are already taking anticoagulant medications as it may result to excessive blood thinning.

Health benefits of using Bromelain pineapple extract

Bromelain pineapple extract must only be taken within recommended doses to prevent side effects. The following are some of the benefits of taking relative doses of Bromelain pineapple extract:

  • It may help prevent cancer

Although not yet fully backed by qualitative studies, experts say that Bromelain pineapple extract supplementation may be effective in controlling cancer cell growth and development. The pharmacodynamic explanation to this effect is not yet understood.

  • It may enhance absorption of antibiotics

Some clinical researches have shown that Bromelain pineapple extract promotes absorption of certain classes of antibiotics in the digestive tract. The specific types and categories of antibiotics which respond positively with Bromelain pineapple extract are not yet published.

  • It may be used against arthritis

Arthritic pain and inflammation are also shown to reduce significantly with Bromelain pineapple extract supplementation. Aside from this effect, some researches also suggest that the enzyme Bromelain may help cure the condition, especially when brought about by unhealthy diet.


There are many other compounds found in Pineapple extract but Bromelain appears to be among the most essential. Bromelain pineapple extract must be taken with caution among patients with blood-clotting dysfunctions

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