Bulbine Natalensis Extract: The Cure for Testosterone Decline

Bulbine Natalensis Extract

Recent animal studies published in books and other publications as well as in blog sites and other internet sources reveals that the South African herb Bulbine Natalensis can potentially boost testosterone levels similar or even much better than the medication Viagra. In the health studies, it was found that the active compounds in Bulbine Natalensis extract has certain effects in effectively reducing estrogen levels, thereby promoting effective testosterone production.

The significant increase in testosterone levels among individual users of Bulbine Natalensis extract has been shown to provide many other health benefits applicable to both men and women. Overdose of Bulbine Natalensis extract, however, has been found to cause organ failure as it has certain steroid-like side effects.

What is Bulbine Natalensis extract?

Bulbine Natalensis extract is a widely known health supplement ingredient for men’s health. It has long been used in traditional medicine as an aphrodisiac as it is observed to enhance sexual performance and libido levels. With the increase on the demand of testosterone-boosting health supplement ingredients, many pilot studies involving Bulbine Natalensis extract have been initiated in the recent decade.

Quantitative studies have already been conducted on humans, although no qualitative studies are yet initiated due to the risk of uncertain adverse effects. Bulbine Natalensis extract is also included with other herbal aphrodisiacs for overall improvement in testosterone levels and overall well-being.

Health benefits of Bulbine Natalensis extract

Most publications on Bulbine Natalensis extract only provide that it increases testosterone levels but individual clinical researches establish many health effects of such benefit. The following are some of the claimed health uses of Bulbine Natalensis extract supplements:

1. It may promote weight loss

Among the hormones in the body which plays vital roles in metabolism and weight loss is testosterone among men. Testosterone is responsible for lean muscle development. Before muscles begin to grow and develop, however, adipose tissues above muscle groups are eliminated through certain patterns, following trigger by testosterone shoot-up. This is the reason why men, during the pubertal age, slowly lose weight and develop lean muscles. Experts say that Bulbine Natalensis extract can help promote weight loss by increasing testosterone.

2. It increases libido production

Increased production of libido is a direct effect of testosterone production, as provided in several sources. An increase in libido helps improve overall sexual performance. With Bulbine Natalensis extract supplementation, libido production may improve even among elderly individuals.

3. It may improve cardiac contractility

The weakening of the heart’s contractility due to various factors is also believed to be treated effectively with Bulbine Natalensis extract supplementation. Patients with cardiovascular conditions must seek physician’s advice prior to use for safety purposes.


Taking regular doses of Bulbine Natalensis extract can be very helpful but overdose can be dangerous. Patients are advised to seek medical advice prior to use if diagnosed with serious metabolic and cardiovascular conditions.

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