Industry Update: Carnitine Powder Is Recommended This Week

industry news update carnitine powder hot sale

Industry Update: Carnitine Powder Is Recommended This Week

In the past few years, nutritional and health products on the foreign market have been continuously listed. The most sought-after series are products for weight loss, sports, and fitness, such as Carnitine powder.

In recent years, people have begun to focus on their own health because of domestic and foreign epidemic problems, war problems, etc. There are more and more types of products on the supplement market, such as hair growth series, heart protection series, and so on. Even the forms of products are starting to diversify, no longer a single powder, tablet, capsule, etc. Nutraceutical companies continue to innovate, launching functional beverages, gummies, and more. The audience of the promotion ranges from professional athletes to adults to children at the beginning. People of different ages have different choices, and the products are more convenient to carry, so they can supplement nutrition anytime, anywhere. It has kept supplement-related products hot.

This year, Chinese food companies will also launch new functional foods, such as probiotic biscuits and pure plant-derived jelly. Introducing these new functional products further educates people worldwide about the benefits of supplement ingredients on the human body.

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However, perhaps precisely because of the continuous emergence of new functional foods, how should the prospects of the supplement food market develop? Where is the new direction of functional food? And a series of questions brought more thinking to the relevant enterprises. The author has some small opinions here.

Supplements For Weight Loss And Fitness Are Still Mainstream

There are many delicacies around the world, and people’s living standards and pursuit of life are increasing, so the phenomenon of obesity caused by diet is increasing. In addition, due to the continuous changes in the global economy and macro environment, people’s life pressure will also increase, and there are many cases of overeating to release stress. There is an increasing demand for weight loss supplements. In general, research data shows that carnitine powder works well for weight loss.

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What is Carnitine Powder?

Carnitine is a class of amino acids. Belongs to the quaternary ammonium cation complex. Carnitine can be produced biosynthetically from lysine and methionine. There are two stereoisomers in carnitine: they are the biologically active L-carnitine and the non-biologically active enantiomer D-carnitine. If chemically synthesized, these two stereoisomers also exist in their compounds, which are generally expressed as “DL-carnitine.”

About Carnitine Powder Ingredients

The above ingredients are available in Nutri Avenue. Among them, Acetyl L-Carnitine powder and bulk L-Carnitine Base powder are the main products this week. At an affordable price, it is the best choice for ingredients in weight loss-related supplements.

In addition, the ingredients of the weight loss effect include:

However, Acetyl L-Carnitine powder and bulk L-Carnitine Base powder are still the best choices for weight loss products. It is also a weight loss ingredient that the public is willing to accept. Moreover, other ingredients with similar functions have no more advantages in terms of price than Acetyl L-Carnitine powder and bulk L-Carnitine Base powder.

What is MCT Oil Powder?

Medium-chain triglycerides, or MCTs for short, are a unique type of fatty acid as long as they are present in coconut oil. Chemically, MCTs have only 6-10 carbon atoms. Triglycerides are three fatty acid groups bound to the glycerol backbone. They are the main component of body fat in humans and animals and are natural fats in food.

MCT is used as a direct energy source. Or it can be quickly converted into ketones, chemicals the liver produces when it breaks down fat. Ketones are a fast and healthy source of energy for the brain and muscles and can be stored in the body to boost energy levels without serving as fat tissue. Therefore, MCTs are ideal for ketogenic diets, weight management, sports nutrition, functional foods, and nutritional products.

Where Are The Ingredients Used For Zero Net Carb Instant Energy?

C8 MCT, also known as caprylic acid. C8 MCT can be found in coconut, palm oil, butter, and mammalian milk. It is considered a better source of MCTs. Because the fatty acid chain of C8 MCT is shorter than C10 (capric acid), the body can break it down and convert it into instant stable energy the easiest and fastest. In fact, after ingesting C8, it turns into ketones almost immediately. C8 MCT is a powerful and more effective glucose substitute. Therefore, the C8 MCT will lead to better physical performance in just a few minutes. It also leads to a clearer mind and more stable body energy. In addition, C8 is a powerful antibacterial agent that is good for fighting infections and inflammation in the gut. These benefits are why many keto brands prefer to use C8 MCT in their products.

Although MCT Oil Powder also has a certain weight loss effect, it is more valued for its energy-enhancing benefits for those familiar with this ingredient. Therefore, you can find more MCT Oil Powder in sports and fitness products. If you want to create weight loss-related supplements, choosing carnitine powder like Acetyl L-Carnitine and L-Carnitine Base is an excellent decision.

carnitine powder hot sale

Are Hair Growth Supplements Another “Breakthrough”?

Starting September 26th this year, Vitafoods Asia 2022 will be held one after another. There are more than 200 international exhibitors at the show. They showcase the latest innovations and trends in functional foods and beverages, nutraceuticals, and dietary supplements at Vitafoods Asia. Vitafoods Asia2022 in Bangkok, Thailand, will be held from October 5th to 7th.

At the show in Bangkok, Japanese company Toei Shinyaku showcased a hair growth supplement called BeRoot. This product has been sold in Japan since its release in 2011. The company’s president, Akitomo Motoi, said of overseas expansion that competition in the hair growth supplement category is not fierce. Therefore, we will now focus on promoting BeRoot supplements in overseas markets, including Southeast Asia.

In Southeast Asia, the Japanese company has partnered with the Singaporean company BioEsque Medical. This year launched and sold BeRoot’s formula under the Kenko brand. Meanwhile, BeRoot is also sold in Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, and the UK.

Toei Shinyaku specializes in developing health supplements with King Agaricus Brasiliensis KA21 as the active ingredient. Agaricus Brasiliensis is said to be grown outdoors in Brazil and is high in beta-glucan, vitamin D, calcium, and copper. Previously, Toei Shinyaku launched King Agaricus 100. The product claims to boost immunity, reduce chemotherapy side effects, support liver and heart health, and reduce fatigue. King Agaricus 100 also won the NutraIngredients Asia Award 2020 Product of the Year (Plant-Based).

In addition to King Agaricus Brasiliensis KA21, BeRoot Hair Growth Supplement also contains a patented formula – composed of capsaicin from chili peppers and isoflavones from soybeans.

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Why Do Japanese Brands Take A Fancy To Overseas Markets?

Motoi expressed the company’s reasons for targeting overseas markets:

First, the good reputation of the Japanese brand.

Second, the growing population.

Third, higher GDP in overseas markets. For example, Toei Shinyaku has been exporting King Agaricus 100 to Vietnam for six or seven years.

At the Bangkok show, Motoi also said the company is happy to work with distributors to bring its products to Thailand, the Philippines, South Korea, and China.

What Is The Scientific Research For Hair Growth Supplement Innovation?

IGF-1 is a growth hormone that decreases with age. If IGF-1 levels are low, then hair growth will also be low.

Introducing BeRoot hair growth supplements, Motoi said that BeRoot works to improve hair growth while reducing hair loss. To put it more academically, BeRoot increases the blood level of IGF-1 during the hair growth cycle, thereby achieving the effect of hair growth.

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How Can Hair Growth Supplement Ingredients Suppliers Help?

As a supplement ingredient supplier, Nutri Avenue sells a variety of supplement ingredients for different functions, including powders that help with hair loss. For example:

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