Nutri Avenue Bulk Raw Ingredients Market Price 2023/3/14

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Nutri Avenue Bulk Raw Ingredients Market Price 2023/3/14

Popular Bulk Ingredients Market Price Update

Ingredient NameMarket PriceStock
Phosphatidylserine 20% Oil (Soybean) $148-155/kgChina Stock
Raspberry Ketones (Synthesis) 99% Powder$33-40/kgUSA Stock
Vitamin D 3 bulk powder 100,000 iu/g$12-15/kgUSA Stock
L-Carnitine Bulk Powder$20-22.5/kgUSA & China Stock
Taurine bulk powder$3-4/kgUSA Stock
R-alpha lipoic acid powder$325-330/kgUSA Stock

Nutri Avenue Promotional Product

DIM Bulk Powder

The price of Diindolylmethane Powder continues to maintain the promotional price this week. The market price of 3,3′-Diindolylmethane is $42-46/kg. Nutri Avenue is promoting at about $5/kg lower than the market price. Welcome to inquire. We can provide COA and other information about the product.

Nutri Avenue New Arrival Inventory Ingredient

Organic Wheat Grass Powder

This ingredient was previously out of stock. This week, 1420kg of Organic Wheat Grass bulk powder arrived at Nutri Avenue. The price is $7-7.5 /kg.

* All bulk raw ingredients mentioned above are available at Nurti Avenue at wholesale price. Welcome to get a free quote to get COA, certifications, etc.



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