Nutri Avenue Bulk Raw Ingredients Market Price 2023/4/24

Raw Ingredients Market Price

Nutri Avenue Bulk Raw Ingredients Market Price 2023/4/24

Popular Bulk Raw Ingredients Market Price Update

Ingredient NameMarket PriceStock
CoQ10 bulk powder$220-240/kgUSA
L-Carnitine Base powder$17-18.5/kgUSA
Creatinol-O-Phosphate powder$58-80/kgUSA
L Glutamine powder$13-15/kgUSA
L Citrulline Malate powder 2:1$10-12.5/kgUSA

Nutri Avenue New Ingredients In US Stock

Organic Flaxseed Protein 30%

Organic Flaxseed Protein is a natural, plant-based protein source derived from organic flaxseeds. It is an excellent source of amino acids and fiber, making it a great addition to a healthy diet. Organic Flaxseed Protein powder is vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO, making it an ideal choice for individuals with dietary restrictions. Flaxseed protein powder is also easy to digest. It can be added to baked goods, smoothies, and other recipes to boost their nutritional value. Overall, Organic Flaxseed Protein is a nutrient-dense and sustainable option for those seeking a plant-based protein source.

The market price is $10-15/kg. This ingredient is expected to arrive in the US warehouse on May 5th.

Green Tea Extract 15% Polyphenols

This Green Tea Extract powder specification is not typical in the US market. And Nutri Avenue can provide the best price.

Nutri Avenue Markdown Ingredients at a Glance

Kaempferol 98%

Previous market prices for this ingredient generally exceeded $800/kg. Recently, Nutri Avenue has noticed that Kaempferol powder has a downward trend in price. The current market quotation can probably be lowered by $55-70/kg than before.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine HCL)

The price of Vitamin B 1 powder in China is basically above $20. VB1 HCL bulk powder has a large stock in the East US warehouse, and the quotation is lower than domestic ones. Welcome to get a free quote.


This ingredient has the last 200kg left in stock. The market quotation is basically higher than $26/kg. Nutri Avenue is selling the last 200kg of Inositol powder at a reduced price.


Nutri Avenue is always waiting for you if you need any support in bulk raw ingredients. Except for the ingredients mentioned above, we also offer different kinds of ingredients, such as amino acids powder, vitamin powder, functional ingredients, etc. We can support our customers in various industries. And all these ingredients are tested by a third party and certified by Kosher, Halal, GMP, etc. Welcome to get a free quote.



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