Butcher’s broom extract: The Circulation-enhancer for Blood Vessel Protection

Butcher’s broom extract

Butcher’s broom extract: The Circulation-enhancer for Blood Vessel Protection

Natural health practitioners say that the many advantages of using Butcher’s broom extract may surely be enjoyed by individual users, although these benefits are not yet fully proven under modern health science. In several researches conducted over the past decades, it has been established that Butcher’s broom extract supplementation may be very useful in preventing blood pooling in the veins brought about by factors including weak vein characteristics. This health benefit directly results to improved circulation into the distal portions of the body including the feet and the hands. It was, however, established as well that Butcher’s broom extract may have certain effects in constricting or narrowing down blood vessels. This being an effect of taking the supplement ingredient, it is an important consideration that patients who are undergoing medication therapies for Hypertension must seek physician’s advice prior to use of Butcher’s broom extract.

What is Butcher’s broom extract?

Among the most popular alternative medicine herbs of the European region is Butcher’s broom. For thousands of years, Butcher’s broom extract has been used in the European alternative medicine in the treatment of circulation problems. In the latter years, experts recommended the use of Butcher’s broom extract in the prevention of chronic venous insufficiency and to relieve fluid retention in the lower extremities. To date, the exact pharmacodynamic effects of Butcher’s broom extract are not yet fully understood but experts are now looking into the possible mechanisms and side effects of using the extract. Manufacturers of health supplement products also include Butcher’s broom extract in their nutritional product formulations as the extract is believed to contain several essential compounds that improve circulation, prevent illnesses and promote overall health and wellness in general. For purposes of safety, however, patients who are undergoing medication therapies and those diagnosed with certain illnesses must consult their physicians before using the extract.

What are the benefits of using Butcher’s broom extract?

Butcher’s broom extract supplementation may provide many health benefits other than improving circulation. The other benefits of using the extract in regular intervals include the following:

  • It may prevent arteriosclerosis

The hardening of the arteries brought about by various factors is known as arteriosclerosis. Long-term arteriosclerosis can be dangerous as it predisposes patients to myocardial infarction. In one study, it was found that Butcher’s broom extract supplementation is an effective alternative medical treatment for arteriosclerosis.

  • Controls symptoms of orthostatic hypertension

Orthostatic hypertension usually happens due to sudden position changes. According to researches, Butcher’s broom extract supplementation may help reduce symptoms of the condition as the compounds in the extract generally improve blood circulation.

  • It has laxative effects

Prevention of constipation is one of the several non-circulation benefits. In the early days, Butcher’s broom extract is used in promoting laxative effects. It is now being recommended for use among patients with long-term constipation.


Latest studies also show that Butcher’s broom extract may be useful in increasing diuresis, thereby preventing kidney diseases. Most of the claims associated with the use of Butcher’s broom extract are, however, subject to confirmatory studies.

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