2 Reasons Change To Buy Berberine&R-Alpha Lipoic Acid Price

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2 Reasons Change To Buy Berberine&R-Alpha Lipoic Acid Price

Berberine Powder

Due to rising raw material prices, production costs increase incrementally. Therefore, most factories and manufacturers are ready to raise prices. There will be no price reduction trend in the near future. The main concern is the market price of Organic Berberine 97% Granular. Currently, this specification’s price has risen to $90-98/kg. Berberine Powder 97% pure is relatively stable at $110-120/kg.

This week is an excellent time to buy Berberine granules/powder because Nutri Avenue still keeps the price before increasing.

Creatine Monohydrate Powder 80/200 mesh

Same situation as last week. Therefore, due to the ingredients and raw materials shortage, the pure creatine monohydrate market has already experienced shortages and price increases. Many factories have shut down and are no longer producing.

This week, the price of 80/200 mesh creatine monohydrate in bulk is $7.2-8/kg.

R-Alpha Lipoic Acid

This product is not resistant to high temperatures. Therefore, due to the recent hot weather, the market price of R Alpha Lipoic Acid dropped by $1-2/kg compared with last week.

Popular Raw Ingredients Market Price Update 8/7-8/13

Agmatine Sulfate Powder Price: Around $13/kg

Bulk GABA Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid Price: $7-8.5/kg

Bulk Melatonin Price: $85-88/kg

Bulk Reduced L-Glutathione Price: $115-130/kg

Bulk Alpha GPC Market Price: $102-110/kg

Bulk Citicoline Price: Around $240/kg

Bulk Quercetin Dihydrate 95% Pure Price: $65-68/kg

Bulk 3% Pure Rosavins Extracted Rhodiola Rosea Root Price: $125-135/kg

Bulk Hyaluronic Acid Price: $60-65/kg

Bulk Glucosamine HCL Price: $8.5-9.5/kg

Bulk Vitamin B2 Riboflavin Price: Around $45/kg

Nutri Avenue Good Price Ingredients Recommendation

  1. Bulk Passion Flower Extract 4:1
  2. Bulk Ginkgo Biloba Extract 24% pure
  3. Bulk Xanthan Gum
  4. Bulk Pure D-Biotin Powder
  5. Bulk Vitamin B9 Folic Acid
  6. Bulk VB1 Thiamine Mononitrate
  7. Bulk Ascorbic Acid VC Powder

These seven nutritional ingredients’ prices quoted by Nutri Avenue are lower than the market common prices this week. Welcome to get a free quote now.

As an FDA-registered raw ingredients supplier, Nutri Avenue offers various kinds of ingredients, such as amino acids, vitamins, functional ingredients, plant/herb extracts, food additives, etc. Therefore, we continuously pay attention to these market trends, including price changes. And we constantly update the trend every Monday. Welcome to visit us regularly.



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