Calcium lactate: Supplement for Lowering Blood Pressure Control

Calcium lactate

Calcium lactate: Supplement for Lowering Blood Pressure Control

Lack of calcium sources among children and adults may result to calcium deficiency conditions and abnormalities in bone and muscle function. Since calcium is also necessary in nerve function, studies have shown that calcium deficiency may also result to nerve function disorders. In order to prevent conditions associated with calcium deficiency, taking enough calcium through diet and health supplement products is recommended by physicians. Calcium lactate is among the most common compounds included in nutritional supplements to resolve problems involving calcium deficiency. Aside from meeting the body’s recommended daily calcium needs, Calcium lactate also improves lactic acid levels, thereby improving overall health through various mechanisms. Although it is quite useful, experts warn individuals on potential effects of excessive Calcium lactate intake. It must also be avoided among persons who are diagnosed with serious health conditions except when recommended by their doctors.

What is Calcium lactate?

Calcium lactate is an effective supplement ingredient which results from a combination of the mineral calcium and the organic acid lactic acid. Instead of plainly calcium, experts recommend the use of Calcium lactate in health supplement formulations as it helps meet the body’s calcium needs while improving other bodily processes through lactic acid supplementation. Calcium lactate is mostly used to improve bone health and prevent degenerative conditions of the bones such as osteoporosis. It is therefore highly recommended for use among persons with calcium deficiency and elderly women who are often diagnosed with osteoporosis due to hormonal imbalances. Calcium lactate is also useful in improving blood vessel constriction and relaxation as it is responsible for muscular function. The use of calcium in the human body is so extensive as to extend to other organ systems beyond the musculoskeletal system. However, overdoses of the compound Calcium lactate may also produce certain dangerous conditions as provided in health studies.

Health benefits of using Calcium lactate

Individuals, both men and women, are advised to take relative amounts of Calcium lactate as it is helpful for optimal health. Studies show that Calcium lactate provides the following health benefits:

  • It helps lower blood pressure levels

In one study, it has been observed that persons who take Calcium lactate have lowered blood pressure after a few doses. This is because the supplement helps maintain healthy smooth muscle contraction in the blood vessels.

  • It may help promote weight loss

Another aspect of study which is now being subjected to deeper researches is the claim that Calcium lactate may promote weight loss. Researches show that many persons who take Calcium lactate have effectively controlled their weight.

  • It helps relieve muscle cramping

Muscle cramping experienced by athletes may also be prevented with Calcium lactate supplementation. However, Calcium lactate is not intended to be an immediate relief treatment for muscle cramping.


There have been a lot of studies on Calcium lactate and its effects on the human body. However, many of the claims associated with Calcium lactate supplementation are still subject to further researches.

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