Calendula extract: Skin cell-friendly Health Supplement Ingredient

Calendula extract

Calendula extract: Skin cell-friendly Health Supplement Ingredient

Wellness experts usually promote the use of Calendula extract in promoting overall skin health as it is shown to promote wound healing and prevent occurrences of breaks in the integrity of the skin. Recent scientific researches show, however, that there is more to Calendula extract that being an essential tool for skin health. Calendula has long been used for centuries in the treatment of many biologic conditions. Although the extract form of Calendula is only a recent development as the medical herb is usually taken in the form of teas and infused oils, experts believe that Calendula extract contains similar amounts of essential compounds as other forms. Many manufacturers of modern health supplements include Calendula extract in their formulations not only because it improves skin appearance but also because it promotes effective tissue growth.

What is Calendula extract?

Calendula extract is taken from the flowers of the medicinal herb Calendula. In the days of traditional medicine application, Calendula is subjected to procedures to extract its oils for use in health promotion. The flowers of the plant are also dried and used in making teas. The medicinal herb Calendula is mostly used in the early days as a treatment for muscle spasms and contractions which cause severe pain. There are no explanations yet as to how the active components of Calendula extract effectively promote muscle cell relaxation and control pain sensation but this claim has already been proven by quantitative findings. Diseases affecting mucosa are also treated with long –term Calendula extract supplementation.

Health benefits of using Calendula extract

Calendula extract health supplements are helpful for both men and women. It is shown to provide a wide range of health benefits which include the following:

  • It may help control hemorrhoids and varicose veins

Both hemorrhoids and varicose veins are diseases associated with the fragile condition of veins. Experts say that Calendula extract supplementation is very effective in controlling these conditions as it strengthens vein elasticity and prevent damage.

  • It prevents swelling in oral cavity and the throat

The oral mucosa often swells with trauma or microbial growth. Although the compounds found in Calendula extract are not found to possess antimicrobial or antibacterial properties, they are found to suppress swelling in the mucosa through certain medicinal patterns which are not yet fully understood. Experts are looking forward into the possibility of developing Calendula extract as an anti-inflammatory agent.

  • It may help prevent cancer

Cancer prevention is also a consideration among individuals taking Calendula extract supplements. Some researches indicate that the compounds in the extract may have cancer-preventing effects.


Calendula extract is also claimed to treat conjunctivitis, prevent nosebleeds and many others. These health claims must be subjected to deeper studied for confirmation.

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