Can Use Paraxanthine AS A Caffeine Alternative?

Paraxanthine improves performance and endurance

Paraxanthine is a caffeine metabolite that is believed to enhance workout performance and endurance. It is also used in the dietary supplement field as a potent nootropic or a compound that supports optimal brain function. Experts also recommend the use of Paraxanthine among persons who are engaged in keto diets.

What is Paraxanthine?

Paraxanthine is a dimethyl derivative of xanthine that contains two methyl groups located at positions 1 and 7. It is structurally related to caffeine and is known to have similar effects as that of the said compound on the central nervous system. According to research, Paraxanthine is the primary metabolite of caffeine in humans as roughly 84% of caffeine is demethylated into paraxanthine after intake.

Paraxanthine is also known as 1,7-Dimethylxanthine and 1,7-Dimethyl-3H-purine-2,6-dione. It is known as having CAS number 611-59-6 and molecular formula C7H8N4O2. Its molecular weight is 180.16 g/mol.

When included in dietary supplement products, Paraxanthine has a white powder appearance and is generally soluble in organic solvents such as dimethylformamide, DMSO, and ethanol. It is only sparingly soluble in aqueous buffers.

Paraxanthine structure

Paraxanthine Sources

As a caffeine metabolite, Paraxanthine is not known to exist in herbs or other plant sources. It is only produced after caffeine is broken down in the human body. It is, however, synthetically produced for dietary supplement formulations.

Paraxanthine and Caffeine

While Caffeine and Paraxanthine are structurally related, they differ in certain aspects. Foremost, they differ in CAS number, molecular formula, and potency.

The CAS number of Paraxanthine is 611-59-6 and the molecular formula is C7H8N4O2. In contrast, the CAS number and molecular formula of Caffeine are 58-08-2 and C8H10N4O2, respectively. Also, while Paraxanthine is only sparingly soluble in aqueous buffers, Caffeine is readily soluble in water.

Also, while Caffeine and Paraxanthine are both central nervous system stimulants, Paraxanthine is believed to be advantageous for use in dietary supplement products as it is known to have lesser toxicity and lesser anxiogenic effects.

Theophylline, Theobromine, and Paraxanthine

Theophylline, Theobromine, and Paraxanthine are methylxanthine compounds that are all related to caffeine. It is believed that Caffeine is the parent compound of many methylxanthine compounds. While Theophylline and Theobromine may be obtained from other sources such as food and plants, Paraxanthine is a metabolite of caffeine produced only from the breakdown of the latter.

Theophylline is known to have effects as a bronchial dilator and respiratory stimulant. Theobromine acts as a diuretic and a vasodilator, while Paraxanthine works primarily as a stimulant.

Paraxanthine Forms and Specifications

The most common form of Paraxanthine that is available in the market for purchase is Paraxanthine powder having 99% purity based on a high-performance liquid chromatography test. The product is available for purchase at our company, Nutriavenue.

We offer the product in bulk purchases or purchases in lesser quantities. When you buy Paraxanthine 99% powder in bulk or up to 25 kilograms, the same may be packed in paper drums with two layers of poly bags inside. However, if you want a different packaging material, you may request the same from our technical support staff.

Paraxanthine Metabolism

Essentially, Paraxanthine is among the results of the metabolism of caffeine through the hepatic cytochrome P45. It is then broken down into 7-methylxanthine. It is subsequently demethylated into xanthine or oxidized by CYP2A6 and CYP1A2 into 1,7-Dimethyluric acid. The compound may also be broken down into 5-acetylamino-6-Formylamino-3-Methyluracil through N-acetyl-transferase 2 in another pathway.

Paraxanthine benefits

Ashwagandha and Paraxanthine

Several scientists have conducted research to determine the effects of combined Ashwagandha and Paraxanthine in executive function or overall cognitive responses. Some studies suggest that the combination of the said products may boost executive functions. Nonetheless, further research are being conducted to fully verify the claims.

How does Paraxanthine Work?

It is claimed that Paraxanthine works by stimulating the process known as lipolysis. Lipolysis refers to the breakdown of fat into glycerol and fatty acids. Aside from the breakdown of fats, lipolysis also results in the production of energy. Hence, the lipolysis-inducing effects of Paraxanthine may result in both fat loss and energy production. This is the reason why it is beneficial not only among athletes and bodybuilders but also among adults who are seeking to lose weight.

Paraxanthine Health Benefits

The compound Paraxanthine may provide the following health benefits among individual users:

  • It improves performance and endurance.

Energy production is a vital consideration in choosing an appropriate ingredient for dietary supplements dedicated to athletes and bodybuilders. Paraxanthine is a potent ingredient that improves overall workout performance and endurance by promoting energy production. The use of the compound may prevent fatigue and exhaustion which are often considered roadblocks to effective exercise.

Paraxanthine for performance and endurance
  • It may work against depression.

As a potent central nervous system stimulant, Paraxanthine is believed to work against depression. It is also claimed to provide neuroprotective benefits which result in the prevention of various mood-related disorders.

Paraxanthine may work against depression
  • It promotes overall cognitive function.

Studies show that the compound may also provide enhancement of cognitive functions and prevent the rapid development of degenerative brain conditions including Parkinson’s disease and Dementia. This is because it helps protect neurons.

paraxanthine for cognitive function
  • It may be used for keto diets.

Paraxanthine is also ideal for persons engaged in keto diets as it is known to promote ketosis. Hence, it may promote weight loss effectively.

Paraxanthine may be used for keto diets

More Benefits

Paraxanthine is among the novel compounds which are known to promote weight loss and enhance brain health. Thus, it is ideal for various dietary supplement formulations not only as weight management support but also for neuroprotection.

Paraxanthine Side Effects

Some users may experience mild gastrointestinal symptoms following Paraxanthine supplementation. However, as reported in most cases, these side effects disappear after the first few doses. Users who experience serious medical conditions following Paraxanthine supplementation are advised to immediately discontinue the use of the compound and consult their physician.

Paraxanthine Dosage

The recommended daily intake of Paraxanthine depends on the individual user’s weight, age, and overall physical condition. Pregnant and lactating women, including those who are diagnosed with certain medical conditions, are advised to consult their physicians before using the said compound.

Where to Buy Bulk Paraxanthine Powder?

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