Cardiovascular Health at its Best with Cranberry extract

Cranberry extract

Cardiovascular Health at its Best with Cranberry extract

Widespread use of Cranberry extract as a primary health supplement ingredient began after the establishment of the claim that the active ingredients of the extract may indeed reduce risks for urinary tract infections and other internal microbial growth. Known to be effective against several bacterial strains, cranberry is now used in the development of several antibiotic and antimicrobial medications including those against periodontal diseases. Cranberries have long been used in ancient civilizations as treatment for several kidney diseases but with the development of advanced technological methods for study, experts discovered that the ordinary cranberry extract has several extraordinary health benefits.

What is cranberry extract?

Cranberries are usually eaten plain and raw but for purposes of providing the body with concentrated forms of compounds found in the fruit, experts have developed effective isolation procedures to obtain cranberry extract and include it in health supplement formulations. Within recommended doses, the extract is considered as generally safe as it does not result to side effects but high doses of cranberry extract has been associated with mild symptoms which include headaches and stomach pain.

Health benefits of using Cranberry extract

There are many health benefits associated with Cranberry extract supplementation but only a few claims have already passed standard procedures to be considered as clinically-acceptable. The following are some of the clinically-proven benefits of taking Cranberry extract:

    • It may prevent cardiovascular conditions

Individuals exposed to high levels of stress and pollution as well as those adopting unhealthy lifestyle are usually at higher risk for developing cardiovascular conditions due to the degeneration of blood vessels and the accumulation of fat molecules in the lumen of arteries and veins. As an extract rich in antioxidants, experts say that Cranberry extract may help reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular conditions as it helps eliminate circulating free radicals and fat molecules that obstruct in effective circulation. It is also shown to reduce blood pressure, although its pharmacodynamics is not yet fully proven.

  • It may aid in cancer treatment

Abnormal cell growth as a result of mutations from cancer can be treated using chemotherapeutic drugs as well as radiation therapy. The use of Cranberry extract health supplements, according to some studies, may also aid in cancer treatment as the active ingredients of the extract help eliminate toxic compounds that stimulate further gene mutation. Cranberry extract also induces cancer cell growth and development.

  • It may aid in detoxification

Eliminating toxic compounds in the body is primarily a function of the kidneys. With the use of Cranberry extract health supplement, detoxification process improves as the compounds found in the extract helps get rid of unwanted body wastes through effective elimination pathways.


Scientists are currently performing in-depth studies on Cranberry extract to establish mechanism patterns of the extract. Human subject studies are also initiated to fully establish safety of using Cranberry extract in health supplement manufacture.

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