Carthamin: An Important Pigment for Better Health


Carthamin: An Important Pigment for Better Health

Playing a significant role as an essential dye in the early days, little did ancient people knew that the herb Carthamus tinctorious has great medicinal value. In the more recent years, scientists have discovered potential health benefits associated with the use of the herb. While most of the health benefits of using Carthamus tinctorious are brought about by a combination of its essential compounds, many experts say that one of its component pigments, Carthamin, is highly contributory to its medicinal use. With all the health studies evidencing potential benefits of using Carthamin, many manufacturers of health supplement products have begun isolating Carthamin from Carthamus tinctorious and included the compound in supplement formulations. In depth clinical researches are currently being conducted to determine precise safety levels of using the compound for purposes of health supplementation.

What is Carthamin?

More popularly known as Safflower, Carthamus tinctorious has long been used in both medicine and culinary fields. The compound Carthamin, which is now used in health supplement formulations, is a red pigment which gives safflower its natural color. There are also other pigments of carthamin such as carthamin yellow which are taken from other species of safflower. Carthamins naturally promote healing as it enhances disease-fighting abilities of the human body and strengthen overall immunity. It is also believed that Carthamin plays a vital role in the enhancement of plant immunity among its plant sources, including safflower. With the rising popularity of safflower and Carthamins, many scientists are currently conducting studies to find out whether Carthamins have potential effects in preventing cancer cell growth and reducing risks for lifestyle-associated health conditions. Experts also say that Carthamin may have potential effects in controlling inflammation.

What are the benefits of using Carthamin?

Carthamin is useful in the field of medicine for various reasons. The following are some of the most popular uses of Carthamin:

  • It may reduce risk for myocardial infarction

The risk of developing myocardial infarction usually increases when a person is exposed to unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy environment. Studies show, however, that Carthamin supplementation may be useful in reducing risk for myocardial infarction as it helps protect the heart from ischemia. As to how it protects the heart, experts are still not yet fully made aware.

  • It increases coronary blood flow

Although the heart primarily pumps blood throughout the body, coronary arteries or the arteries found in the heart itself is at risk for reduced blood flow. Deprivation of blood flow in the coronary arteries is a risk factor for heart attack. Carthamin is shown to effectively increase coronary blood flow.

  • It enhances central nervous system function

Many experts also suggest that Carthamin may potentially enhance central nervous system function. This claim is not yet fully explored.


Carthamin is useful not only as a dye but also as a medicinal source. As long as it is taken within recommended doses, experts say that there are almost no risks of using Carthamin.

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