Carthamus yellow pigment: Supplement Ingredient for Cardiovascular Health

Carthamus yellow pigment

Carthamus yellow pigment: Supplement Ingredient for Cardiovascular Health

Aside from its potential uses in the field of culinary arts, Carthamus yellow pigment or extract is also believed to be useful in the field of health supplement formulation. In the past, Carthamus yellow pigment is only used as a flavoring and a food-coloring agent but with the advent of advanced clinical researches, experts have discovered that certain compounds in the extract may potentially promote health and wellness. Some of the most popular benefits of using Safflower herb are said to be associated with Carthamus yellow pigment, although most of these health claims result from combination of functional compounds in the herb. Carthamus yellow pigment in health supplement formulations is considered as generally safe and effective for use among individual users but it must be taken with precaution among individuals who are suffering from certain metabolic diseases.

What is Carthamus yellow pigment?

Also known as Safflower yellow, Carthamus yellow pigment is considered as a flavonoid source. It is taken from the petals of the plant source Safflower and is known to contain several coloring components which include safflomin A and safflor yellow B. Carthamus yellow pigment is primarily soluble in water but insoluble in other media such as ethanol and ether. In the field of health supplement formulation, Carthamus yellow pigment is not as popular but is similar equivalent Safflower extract is mostly advertised as a potential wellness agent which enhances function of various organ systems of the body.

Health benefits of using Carthamus yellow pigment

Safflower herbal benefits are similar to that of Carthamus yellow pigment as these supplement ingredients are practically the same. The only difference is that Carthamus yellow pigment is primarily used in culinary as a flavoring agent. Some of the medical uses of Carthamus yellow pigment include the following:

  • It might lower cholesterol levels

The cholesterol-lowering effects of Carthamus yellow pigment and safflower extract has long been the subject of many clinical researches. While many of the studies on Carthamus yellow pigment and its effects on cholesterol are conducted on animal subjects, many experts say that these findings may readily be applicable among humans.

  • It may lower blood pressure

Some experts also say that Carthamus yellow pigment may have certain effects in lowering blood pressure as a direct result in its effects when it comes to lowering cholesterol levels. It also helps dilate blood vessels and prevent clogging of fat molecules in the arteries and veins.

  • It may help prevent stroke

A certain independent study recently conducted shows that Carthamus yellow pigment may also prevent stroke as it controls blood clot formation in the veins. This claim is still subject to studies.


Carthamus yellow pigment is a safe and effective health supplement ingredient which can be used for various health purposes. It is, however, not yet recognized as a potential medication.

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