Caulis spatholobi extract: A Potential Cure For Chronic Anemia

Caulis spatholobi extract

Caulis spatholobi extract: A Potential Cure For Chronic Anemia

The treatment for the oxygenation-associated health condition Chronic anemia has not yet been identified due to the sensitivity of the organ system involved in its pathologic development but in a recently conducted study, it was established that the compounds found in a traditional Chinese herb Caulis spatholobi extract may effectively reduce production of antagonists of Hepcidin, a compound essential in iron regulation. This finding has paved the way to the conduct of many other health researches involving Caulis spatholobi extract and its association with long-term diseases. Although evidences on the extract and its exact effects in the body cells and tissues are not yet fully understood, manufacturers of health supplements are advised to include Caulis spatholobi extract in their formulations as it is essential for health.

What is Caulis spatholobi extract?

Caulis spatholobi extract is a traditional Chinese medicinal source believed to work primarily on the liver meridian. The extract generally contains relative amounts of flavonoids including ononin, prunetin and genistein. It also contains triterpenes, anthraquinones and sterol derivatives which effectively enhance wellness through various activated patterns. Caulis spatholobi extract is mostly taken from the stem of the plant source and is mostly indicated for circulation and bleeding conditions. Many musculoskeletal inflammation and pain disorders are also treated effectively through the activated compounds of Caulis spatholobi extract. Adults who are suffering from arthritis, numbness and nerve pains are advised to take health supplements with Caulis spatholobi extract as it is claimed to be effective against such conditions.

Health benefits of using Caulis spatholobi extract

Taking Caulis spatholobi extract supplements is quite effective not only in treating certain disorders but also in preventing development of many illnesses. There are no risks associated with Caulis spatholobi extract supplementation except in cases of overdose. The following are some of the potential uses of Caulis spatholobi extract:

  • It may help regulate menstrual flow

Menstrual flow is mostly a hormonal response but it may also be associated with iron regulation and may cause iron-associated conditions. Studies show that Caulis spatholobi extract may help regulated menstrual flow and prevent excessive bleeding. This mechanism helps preserve iron.

  • It may treat chemotherapy-associated leukopenia

Leukopenia is a condition which results with long-term cancer treatment sessions such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. This condition often makes the body susceptible to diseases as the immune system responses are compromised. Experts say that Caulis spatholobi extract supplementation is quite effective in preventing leukopenia.

  • It enhances blood circulation in joints

Effective circulation of blood in joints and tendons may prevent development of tension in the areas and subsequent disease pathology. Caulis spatholobi extract supplementation, according to studies, may be effective in enhancing circulation in various parts of the body.


The compound component of Caulis spatholobi extract is so vast as to provide many health benefits among individual users. It may enhance many vital body processes, primarily, the blood circulation system.

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