Chamomile extract: An Effective Dose for Better Hormone Balance

Chamomile extract

Flavonoid compounds and essential oils isolated from Chamomile extract are promoted primarily for their effects in enhancing skin health and preventing rapid skin cell degeneration but in recent studies conducted in modern laboratory set-ups, many experts have developed interest over the extract as it is shown to potentially prevent cancer cell growth and control inflammation. There are several ways by which the compounds in Chamomile extract are believed to promote health and wellness and though most of these patterns are said to be highly feasible, qualitative studies evidencing the claims are still lacking. With the sufficiency of quantitative researches upon which experts base their conclusions, many medical practitioners in the modern era highly recommend the use of Chamomile extract in health supplement formulations.

What is Chamomile extract?

Chamomile extract is taken from the ancient medicinal plant Chamomile. Although the various parts of the herb contain yield high amounts of essential compounds, studies show that the flowers of Chamomile may produce greatest yields. In the early days, Chamomile is taken primarily in the form of Chamomile teas. It has been taken in tea forms for over 5000 years in several cultures but has only been developed into a potential health supplement ingredient in the recent years. There are many health benefits associated with the use of Chamomile extract which ranges from mild illness treatments to the curing of the most severe sicknesses. It is not, however, recognized as of yet under certain regulatory measures such as the U.S. Food and Drug Association since the effects of the extract in the human body are not yet fully understood.

Health benefits of using Chamomile extract

As closely as the health uses of Chamomile tea, Chamomile extract provides a wide range of health benefits. Some of these benefits include the following:

  1. It may relieve anxiety and depression

The active components of Chamomile extract effectively promote relaxation of the brain cells and the regulation of hormone and neurotransmitter balance. As a result, symptoms of anxiety and depression may be reduced with long-term Chamomile extract supplementation.

  1. It may promote wound healing

Chamomile extract is not often used during historic times as a potential wound-healing agent but it was recently discovered to help promote wound healing through certain unknown patterns. It can be used against ulcerations in the internal body organs as well.

  1. It may help cure PMS

Women who are experiencing pre-menstrual symptoms manifested in severe forms are claimed to find cure with Chamomile extract supplementation. Studies show that Chamomile extract help promote hormone balance, thereby preventing dysfunctions.


Chamomile extract is one of the safest and most effective components of modern health supplements. The many uses of the extract are published in many health publications as well.

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