Chlorogenic Acid: Weight Loss Agent in Green Coffee Beans

Chlorogenic Acid

Chlorogenic Acid: Weight Loss Agent in Green Coffee Beans

The process of roasting green coffee beans is observed by experts to cut down a great percentage of essential nutrients and compounds found in coffee. To save up nutritional value and preserve efficiency of coffee in terms of promoting overall health, many researchers conducted studies to determine feasibility of using green coffee beans plainly without roasting when developing formulations for health supplements. Indeed, there are many advantages of using green coffee beans as it yields highest amounts of Chlorogenic Acid, a compound found in coffee beans along with caffeine which is associated with many health benefits. Chlorogenic Acid, according to studies, is a very useful agent in enhancing release of bile by the liver. Along with other mechanisms of action, Chlorogenic Acid in green coffee beans promotes overall wellness.

What is Chlorogenic Acid?

Chlorogenic Acid is known as an antioxidant compound which plays vital roles in many biological processes. It is naturally found in coffee beans but is usually reduced significantly in quantity upon roasting. Similar to bioflavonoids, experts say that Chlorogenic Acid promotes overall health by eliminating certain unhealthy compounds in the human body. It also reduces biological absorption of carbohydrates in the cellular levels, thereby preventing excessive weight gain. Some of the health effects of Chlorogenic Acid are also similar to caffeine, although at a lesser efficiency. Chlorogenic Acid supplementation is not associated with blood pressure increase, which is usually an issue when taking caffeine. There are no serious side effects observed with patients taking Chlorogenic Acid supplements but it must be taken within recommended doses only.

Health benefits of using Chlorogenic Acid

The popularity of green coffee beans and Chlorogenic Acid has led to the piloting of several clinical studies to establish health claims associated with the use of the compound. Over the years, experts have found that Chlorogenic Acid can provide the following health benefits:

  • It may improve metabolism

One of the key considerations when it comes to weight loss is the rate of metabolism. The process is affected by various factors, including presence of excessive toxic compounds in the human body. Studies show that Chlorogenic Acid supplementation helps eliminate destructive toxins in the body which interfere with metabolism, thereby enhancing the process.

  • It may help prevent cancer

Chlorogenic Acid also helps prevent cancer when it eliminates toxic compounds in the human body. These toxic compounds are observed to cause genetic mutations which are usually the root causes of some forms of cancer.

  1. It helps improve liver function

The liver primarily works in the metabolism process by producing bile. Studies show that Chlorogenic Acid is useful in improving liver function and enhancing metabolism as it promotes production and outflow of bile from the liver.


Chlorogenic Acid in higher quantities as found in green coffee bean extract is essential for better health. It is also safe for use.

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