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PQQ bulk powder

PQQ, the full name of Pyrroloquinoline Quinone, was first developed in Japan. Now high-end customers still mainly use Japanese goods. About 3-4 years ago, around 2014, Chinese factories began to sell them one after another, but the volume was not large. In the second half of 2017, the production volume of PQQ in Chinese factories started to increase rapidly. At present, PQQ bulk powder is a relatively popular ingredient product.

What Are The Production Processes Of Bulk PQQ Powder?

PQQ has two different production processes. They are fermentation and synthesis.

PQQ fermentation mainly relies on the following two fermentation strains:

  • Endophytic bacteria of Polygonum cuspidatum
  • Myxobacteria

The main carbon source for PQQ fermentation in the market is methanol because methanol is a good food for the above two strains. After the strains eat up methanol, the next step is ethanol refining and purification. But please rest assured that no methanol is left in the final solvent.

The residual solvents, heavy metals, and impurities in the PQQ powder produced by the fermentation process will be lower than those of the Pyrroloquinoline Quinone powder produced by the synthetic process. So usually, the fermentation process will be more expensive than the synthesis price.

However, both effects are the same in PQQ fermentation and PQQ synthesis. It’s just that PQQ fermentation has no solvent residue. The PQQ synthesis will have a trace of solvent residue, but it is very low and can be ignored. Some customers choose PQQ produced by fermentation process for safety, although the price of PQQ fermentation will be higher. At the same time, because the price of PQQ synthesis is lower, some customers will choose the lower price of PQQ synthesis because of the same effect.

As for those who are entangled in which one to choose after reading this article, Nutri Avenue suggests that if you have enough budget, you can try PQQ fermentation, which is safer.

How To Identify Whether PQQ Is Fermented Or Synthetic?

PQQ can distinguish its process technology by the HPLC test method.

There is no solvent residue in PQQ fermentation, and there will be solvent residue in PQQ synthesis.

What is PQQ Sodium?

PQQ powder also has a common product type called PQQ Sodium.

The ratio of Sodium/PQQ is calculated by molecular weight:

The molecular weight of PQQ is 330

The molecular weight of Sodium is 46 (2 Sodium atoms, each one 23)

330/46 = 6.52

So 1: 6.52

Equivalent to saying that a PQQ Sodium contains 1 gram of Sodium and 6.52 grams of PQQ.

Regarding PQQ bulk powder, Nutri Avenue has its own branded product – NutriPQQ®.

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