Chromium picolnate: Treating Chromium Deficiency

Chromium picolnate

Chromium picolnate: Treating Chromium Deficiency

While no scientific evidences show the efficiency of the essential compound Chromium picolnate in treating medical disorders, certain individual studies reveal that it may help improve overall health when included in dietary supplements. Chromium is generally a trace mineral which can be taken from various food sources. Due to unhealthy dietary habits and modern lifestyle, however, chromium deficiency happens among high risk individuals. Several disorders may develop following long-term chromium deficiency which includes Diabetes Mellitus Type II. Although the association between chromium deficiency and some other modern lifestyle-associated conditions are not yet fully established, health researchers say that various illnesses can be prevented with Chromium picolnate supplementation.

What is Chromium picolnate?

Chromium picolnate is a popular dietary supplement component known to help improve sugar uptake and prevent progression of Diabetes. The compound received a lot of attention in the recent years with the advent of health studies showing that it may help induce weight loss and stimulate rapid fat burn. There are no exact scientific researches available to date which shows how the compound promotes weight loss among obese and overweight individuals but quantitative studies show potential effects. Experts emphasize the need for Chromium picolnate supplementation as it is a necessary compound for bodily process which is not fully supplemented by diet due to scarcity in food component.

What are the benefits of using Chromium picolnate?

There are many benefits of taking Chromium picolnate supplements among patients who are at risk for developing Diabetes. Other individuals may also benefit from taking the compound as it is generally essential for health. The following are some individual benefits of using Chromium picolnate supplements, as shown in several researches:

  • It may help reduce cholesterol levels

Experts believe that the reduction of Chromium levels among some groups of individuals due to whatever causes is associated with increase in cholesterol levels, thereby increasing risk for cardiovascular conditions. In a certain study, it was discovered that Chromium picolnate supplementation may help reduce heart ailments development by reducing cholesterol levels and maintaining normal ranges. This benefit may also be associated with the compound’s effect in promoting weight loss.

  • It enhances carbohydrate metabolism

Along with insulin, an enzyme produced by the pancreas, experts have found that Chromium picolnate also works in the break down and metabolism of the macronutrient carbohydrate. Many patients with low insulin levels are typically given Chromium picolnate supplementation in order to help improve passage of blood sugar into the body cells and prevent hyperglycemic episodes. The compound is not intended, however, to replace insulin supplementation among Diabetic patients.

  • It may control depression

At some point, group of scientists say that long-term supplementation of Chromium picolnate may help control depression among patients who are suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS. There is no exact explanation under health researches as to this association.


Many individuals have very few Chromium sources. Supplementation of the compound is primarily vital for overall carbohydrate metabolism and cholesterol level control.

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