Chromium Yeast powder: Supplement for Optimum Insulin Release

Chromium Yeast powder

Chromium Yeast powder: Supplement for Optimum Insulin Release

Among the essential minerals need by the body in trace amounts is Chromium. Although the body does not require high amounts of chromium for sustenance, studies show that deficiency in chromium may increase a person’s risk for Diabetes Mellitus and other metabolic disorders. In order to meet the body’s daily chromium needs, persons must include chromium-rich foods in their diet or take Chromium Yeast powder supplements. Many individuals are now taking Chromium Yeast powder supplements as it ensures sufficient intake of daily chromium needs. It also helps prevent progression and development of several bodily conditions, thereby contributing to optimum wellness. Although it is useful in very few doses, studies show that excessive intake of chromium may also result to serious medical conditions. This is the reason why individuals should only take Chromium Yeast powder supplements based on the suggested daily intake.

What is Chromium Yeast powder?

Chromium Yeast powder is a health supplement ingredient used to allow individuals to take in sufficient amounts of chromium. Chromium primarily works in the body by enhancing production of insulin through stimulation of the pancreatic islets. Increased insulin production is useful in promoting diversion of blood glucose into the body cells, thereby providing sufficient energy sources for the body. Although Chromium Yeast powder is believed to work in this mechanism, there are no evidences available to prove whether Chromium Yeast powder supplementation may reverse the effects of Insulin-dependent Diabetes Mellitus or Type I DM. This is because Type I DM is associated with absence of insulin production and not merely reduced production. Experts are now conducting studies to determine whether Chromium Yeast powder supplementation may be helpful among both Type I and Type II DM patients. To date, Chromium Yeast powder is only believed to help increase insulin production among normal individuals.

What are the benefits of using Chromium Yeast powder?

The insulin production-enhancing effects of Chromium Yeast powder contributes to the enhancement of overall wellness through several mechanisms. The following are among the many benefits of using Chromium Yeast powder:

  • It improves energy levels

Increased insulin production helps lead glucose from the blood into the body cells. In turn, body cells are energized and are able to surpass daily requirements for activities of daily living. Many researches show that Chromium Yeast powder may be useful in increasing energy levels.

  • It improves blood circulation

By channelling blood sugar into the cells, blood circulation is also improved with Chromium Yeast powder supplementation as it improves blood viscosity, according to studies.

  • It may prevent obesity

Obesity develops when a person eats a lot of food secondary to increased stimulation of hunger sensation. This is due to lack of glucose in the cells as glucose is retained in the blood. By leading glucose into the cells through insulin, Chromium Yeast powder effectively prevents hunger sensation and obesity.


There are very limited human subject studies on the effects of Chromium Yeast powder in the human body. Only quantitative studies are available to prove the claims. However, it is believed to be quite useful.

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