Chrysophanol: A Useful Compound for Retinal Degeneration


Chrysophanol: A Useful Compound for Retinal Degeneration

Following discovery that the traditional Chinese medicine Cassia seeds are quite effective in preventing wear and tear-associated retinal dysfunctions, in-depth studies were conducted to fully determine which among the compounds in the plant extract are responsible for the health benefit. In one study, it was found that a compound known as Chrysophanol is the most possible cause for the health effect. With the finding at hand, several other studies on Chrysophanol were initiated, leading to the discovery of its many other health benefits. Experts say that these health benefits must first be subjected to confirmatory researches as they are not yet backed with actual qualitative findings. In quantitative studies on animal subjects, Chrysophanol is concluded to be an effective tool for enhancement of overall wellness among humans. It must, however, be taken within recommended doses only as excessive intake of the compound may result to serious medical conditions.

What is Chrysophanol?

Chrysophanol is a natural anthraquinone compound isolated from various plant sources, including Cassia seeds. It is primarily essential in the prevention of some cancer types, but deeper studies are currently being conducted to establish specific cancer cell types against which the compound is effective. It works in preventing cancer by enhancing detoxification, which means that it helps eliminate toxic compounds and free radicals in cells. These free radicals are theorized as among the causative factors for lifestyle-associated cancer types. By taking Chrysophanol, free radicals may be eliminated without risking health and wellness of individual users. There are, however, limited findings on whether the compound Chrysophanol may help prevent gene-associated cancers like leukemia. There are many other reasons why Chrysophanol supplementation is advisable among individual users but persons who are diagnosed with serious medical conditions must seek physician’s advice prior to use.

What are the benefits of using Chrysophanol?

Other than reducing cancer cell growth and preventing retinal damage secondary to geriatric age, Chrysophanol is also useful for various reasons. The following are among the uses of Chrysophanol:

  • It has anti-inflammatory effects

Patients who are suffering from inflammatory conditions involving the joints, muscles and other body areas are believed to find benefit with Chrysophanol supplementation. Experts say that Chrysophanol may help relieve inflammation, but the effects are not immediate.

  • It has antimicrobial effects

The growth of many strains of microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses are observed to be controlled with Chrysophanol supplementation. This finding must be subjected to deeper studies as increased dosages of antibacterial medication and antivirals may pose risks to health.

  • It has laxative effects

As an anthraquinone compound, Chrysophanol is also believed to have laxative effects. Specific studies on Chrysophanol must be conducted to determine whether similar effects exist.


Chrysophanol must be taken only within recommended doses to prevent overdose. It is quite effective in cancer control, as observed in many studies but it deeper studies are required to fully establish the health claim.

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