Cistanche Tubulosa Extract: Supplement for Diabetics

Cistanche Tubulosa Extract

Cistanche Tubulosa Extract: Supplement for Diabetics

In-depth clinical studies are currently being conducted on Cistanche tubulosa following findings that it is already on the verge of being an endangered species. Not only are experts looking for Cistanche tubulosa extract health benefits but they are also developing ways to preserve the drug for longer periods of time. Cistanche tubulosa extract is primarily used in traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of infertility and other hormone-related symptoms among women. It is also used in the promotion of kidney function and the prevention of leukorrhea, a condition among pregnant women associated with the production of yellowish or whitish mucus discharge in the vaginal opening. The US Food and Drug Association, as well as other government agencies in other countries, are nonetheless yet to approve inclusion of the supplement in the formulation of pharmaceutical products for treatment.

What is Cistanche tubulosa extract?

The substance Cistanche tubulosa extract is taken from the parasitic plant Cistanche tubulosa. It is known to contain several compounds which include among others tubuloside, succinic acid, triacontanol, and daucosterol. Major health supplements with formulations that have included Cistanche tubulosa extract are primarily aimed at the promotion of aphrodisiac effects as the substance is also known to synergize the effect of horny goat weed, tribulus and other aphrodisiacs.

What are the benefits of using Cistanche tubulosa extract?

Taking health supplements with Cistanche tubulosa extract are beneficial especially among women suffering from symptoms related to hormonal imbalances. Men may also benefit on the sexual enhancement effects of Cistanche tubulosa extract. Other health benefits of using the drug are the following:

  • It may treat impotency

Impotency is characterized as the failure to conceive due to physical dysfunctions such as failure to sustain an erection among men. Studies are currently being conducted to sufficiently establish the conical basis for the assertion that Cistanche tubulosa extract may help treat importency among males. Some experts say that the ability of the supplement to increase blood supply towards the genitals during sexual engagement may help contribute to the said benefit.

  • It may Promote Hair Growth

Although primarily linked with environmental factors, hair fall and alopecia can also be brought about by hormonal imbalances. In a recently conducted study, experts found that Cistanche tubulosa extract may help stimulate hair growth by promoting hormonal balance. Some studies also say that the supplement may promote scalp health, thereby enhancing the appearance and growth of the hair.

  • It may Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Patients with Diabetes Mellitus of either type usually develop blood sugar peaks and lows which can cause serious effects to the body. While science has not fully established its mechanism of action, experts say that the active components of Cistanche tubulosa extract like echinacoside and acteoside can help contribute to the regulation of blood sugar levels and the prevention of sudden increase and decrease of blood glucose.


Cistanche tubulosa extract is a generally safe drug indicated for both adult males and females. Due to the possibility of drug interactions, however, individuals who are under specific medical regimen are not advised to take Cistanche tubulosa extract health supplements without doctor’s advice.

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