Citric Acid: The Citrus Fruit Compound for Bacterial Growth Control

Citric Acid

Citric Acid: The Citrus Fruit Compound for Bacterial Growth Control

Being among the most common preservatives, it is expected of Citric Acid to contribute to several health benefits. Studies reveal that Citric Acid may effectively contribute in controlling growth of microorganisms not only in food to prevent spoilage but also when it is introduced in the body through health supplement formulations. The antibacterial effect of Citric Acid is well established in several quantitative studies but there are still limited qualitative studies on human subjects that provide adequate evidences on this health claim. In another study, experts have claimed that Citric Acid may also be useful as an antioxidant component. This means that it may play a vital role in the prevention of cancer cell growth, as well as in the control of free radicals circulation in the body. Although it is believed to be quite beneficial, Citric Acid health benefits have mechanisms of action that are not yet fully understood by experts.

What is Citric Acid?

The health supplement ingredient Citric Acid is a very common compound found in many citrus fruits, as well as in other food sources. For thousands of years, citrus fruits are used in preserving goods. In the modern day, it has been discovered that the preservative effect of citrus fruits is brought about by its Citric Acid content. Citric Acid helps preserve food by preventing bacterial growth in food. Because of the many uses of Citric Acid not only the field of medicine, it is now being used in various industries such as in beauty product manufacture and industries involved in making cleaning materials. In the medical field, Citric Acid is included in many modern health supplements as it is very useful in preventing various medical conditions commonly encountered my modern individuals. Many experts believe that Citric Acid will be beneficial but caution is being raised as excessive amounts of Citric Acid may result to serious medical conditions.

What are the benefits of using Citric Acid?

Other than controlling microbial growth, Citric Acid supplementation is also beneficial for many other reasons. The following are some of the benefits of using Citric Acid:

  1. It stabilizes an acidic environment

Although it is named as an acid, Citric Acid works as an alkalizing agent. This means that it reduces acidity levels, thereby preventing serious effects of hyperacidity. Adequate amounts of Citric Acid should be taken for this purpose.

  1. It may prevent kidney stones

Several studies also suggest that Citric Acid may be useful in preventing kidney stones growth as it helps control high urine acidity. This claim is now being subjected to deeper studies for confirmation.

  1. It improves mineral absorption

Citric Acid also plays a role in mineral absorption. By improving Citric Acid levels in the body, absorption of minerals is expected to improve.


Citric Acid supplementation is advisable for improved wellness but it must be taken with caution. It is useful in enhancing function of several body organ systems.

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