Cnidium Monnieri extract for Optimum Men’s Health

Cnidium Monnieri extract

Cnidium Monnieri extract for Optimum Men’s Health

The seeds of the flowering plant Cnidium Monnieri have been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a treatment for sexual arousal disorders, especially among men. Later, with the completion of modern scientific studies, experts found that among the active components of Cnidium Monnieri is a bioactive compound which has similar functions as Viagra. Several researches were performed thereafter to determine the safety and efficiency of the drug in enhancing overall health and with in-depth Cnidium Monnieri studies, scientists have found that it may provide certain benefits affecting other body systems and prevent dangerous modern disorders such as cancers.

What is Cnidium Monnieri extract?

In order to obtain high amounts of bioactive compounds and make them available for health supplementation, experts have devised certain ways to derive Cnidium Monnieri extract from the plant’s seeds, fruits and other parts. While the most medications containing Cnidium Monnieri extract are in the forms of tablets or capsules, certain topical medications and creams also contain Cnidium Monnieri extract as it is shown to reduce itching and pruritus. Various health supplement brands for men’s health also include Cnidium Monnieri extract in their formulations as the plant is proven effective for men’s sexual health without causing similar Viagra side effects.

Health Benefits of Cnidium Monnieri extract

With the advent of methods to study clinical interactions and pharmacodynamics of certain drugs, scientists are hoping to fully understand how Cnidium Monnieri extract works in enhancing body health in the next few years. Some of the known benefits of using Cnidium Monnieri extract include the following:

  • It may enhance sex drive

Cnidium Monnieri extract is believed to work as an aphrodisiac by increasing the production of natural libido in the brain. The extract’s Viagra-like actions have already been sufficiently proven along with the effects of the active components of the drug in increasing testosterone levels. Men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction are also shown to benefit with Cnidium Monnieri extract use as the bioactive compounds of the extract target penile tissues and stimulate erection during sexual contact.

  • It may enhance lean muscle development

Along with its effects in enhancing sexual performance through testosterone production, studies show that Cnidium Monnieri extract may also enhance bodybuilding and lean muscle development. Testosterone is known as the secondary male characteristics hormone which is responsible in the development of men’s masculine appearance. Increasing testosterone levels, according to experts, may help contribute to lean muscle development under certain unexplored clinical patterns.

  • It may enhance bone health

One of the known benefits of Cnidium Monnieri extract among women as provided in several studies is its effect in enhancing bone health and preventing bone resoption, thereby preventing osteoporosis. Some compounds found in the extract are believed to increase bone mass and density without reducing mineral content, especially of the vertebral column.


The benefits of Cnidium Monnieri extract thousands of years ago are always the same as in the modern days. Claims of other health benefits are also being made with the onset of advanced clinical researches.

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