Common Fenugreek seed extract: Increased Libido, Decreased Blood Sugar Levels

Common Fenugreek seed extract

Common Fenugreek seed extract: Increased Libido, Decreased Blood Sugar Levels

There are two main reasons why Common Fenugreek seed extract has boomed as a health supplement ingredient in the recent decade. The first reason is that it is found to be very effective in increasing libido among men. The pattern for this benefit is not yet, however, fully proven. The second reason which is the focus of interest of many health researches is the claim that it may lower blood sugar levels, thereby possibly treating Diabetes Mellitus. Many other health benefits can be directly inferred from the claim that it may reduce blood sugar levels. If proven true and accurate, many patients who are suffering from Diabetes, both Type I and Type II, may no longer be in need of lifetime Insulin therapy. There being no concrete proof as of yet, Common Fenugreek seed extract remains to be an ideal health supplement ingredient for adults.

What is Common Fenugreek seed extract?

Fenugreek herb is a well-known traditional treatment for many illnesses across Europe and Western Asia. Its seeds are primarily used in many fields including medicine and culinary arts. The seeds of Fenugreek herb contain high amounts of nutrients and essential compounds, making it an ideal ingredient for health supplements. Common Fenugreek seed extract is taken from the seeds of the herb through high-end processes of extraction in the laboratory. Along with other herbal extracts, Common Fenugreek seed extract provides synergistic effects which mean that it promotes effects of other essential compounds in health supplement formulations. Generally, Common Fenugreek seed extract is safe and effective among adults and elderly individuals but it must be taken with caution among patients suffering from serious medical conditions.

What are the benefits of using Common Fenugreek seed extract?

Other than potentially controlling blood sugar levels and increasing libido production, Common Fenugreek seed extract provides many other health benefits to adult users. Some of these benefits include the following:

  1. It may prevent cardiovascular diseases

Many diseases affecting the heart are direct results of atherosclerosis and increased cholesterol and triglyceride levels. In several studies, experts have established that Common Fenugreek seed extract may reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, thereby preventing atherosclerosis and reducing risk for heart illnesses.

  1. It may relieve constipation

Common Fenugreek seed extract also contains high amounts of water-soluble fibers which promote health digestion and relieve constipation. Patients who are suffering from ulcerative colitis are also claimed by some health practitioners to benefit with Common Fenugreek seed extract supplementation.

  1. It may increase milk supply among lactating women

A compound found in Common Fenugreek seed extract known as Galactagogue is claimed to increase milk production among lactating women. Further studies are necessary to determine safety of the compound among subjects.


Common Fenugreek seed extract is among the most well-known ingredients in modern day health supplements. It may be used by individuals of all ages, provided those who are suffering from some illnesses seek prior consultation.

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