Copper gluconate: An Effective Remedy for Copper Deficiency and Iron Absorption

Copper gluconate addresses a copper deficiency

Copper gluconate: An Effective Remedy for Copper Deficiency and Iron Absorption

Copper gluconate is an essential dietary supplement ingredient used primarily to address a copper deficiency. Lack of copper has long been associated with various medical conditions. Hence, with Copper gluconate supplementation, it is believed that conditions like osteoporosis and low red blood cell production can be prevented.

What is Copper gluconate?

Copper gluconate is the bioavailable copper salt form of D-gluconic acid. It is derived from the combination of gluconic acid and cupric oxide or cupric carbonate. By helping the body meet its daily copper needs, it is said that the compound may help promote red blood cell production by enhancing iron absorption. The compound is also believed to interfere with the signaling action of neurons and the ability of the body to fight off infections.

Copper gluconate in dietary supplement formulations is also known as Copper D-gluconate, Copper di-D-gluconate, Copper(II) gluconate or Gluconic Acid Copper(II) Salt. It has a light-blue to blue-green crystalline powder appearance and is generally odorless. The compound is identified as having CAS number 527-09-3 and the molecular formula of C12H22CuO14. Copper gluconate has a molecular weight of 453.84 g/mol. It is essentially soluble in water but insoluble in organic compounds like ethanol.

The compound is classified as “generally recognized as safe” for dietary supplement formulations by the Food and Drug Administration.

Copper gluconate forms and specifications

The compound is included in dietary supplements in the form of Copper gluconate 99% powder. To ensure product quality and purity, it is important to purchase only from legitimate ingredient suppliers like Nutriavenue.

Copper gluconate may be purchased in bulk or smaller quantities. When bought in bulk from Nutriavenue, it is usually packed in paper drums with two layers of poly bags inside. Each drum has a net weight of 25 kilograms. However, for lesser quantities or as per the customer’s request, compound packaging may be modified.

Copper gluconate vs copper glycinate

Copper glycinate is one of the most popular chelated copper types. While it is believed to be more absorbable than copper gluconate, experts say that the extensive use of copper glycinate may pose risks as it passes liver detoxification and goes directly to the bloodstream. This mechanism can be dangerous as excessive copper levels in the body may interfere with normal bodily processes and affect vital organs, including the brain.

For this reason, Copper gluconate is safer for use as it is absorbed slower and may pass thru the liver. Nonetheless, Copper gluconate should be taken only within recommended doses as long-term use in excessive doses may also cause live damage.

Copper gluconate vs Copper sebacate

Copper sebacate in the form of copper in the sebacate salt form. While Copper gluconate is primarily promoted for its effects in improving iron absorption and preventing osteoporosis, copper sebacate is mostly advertised as a potential copper supplement to fight off premature graying of hair. In terms of helping meet the body’s copper needs, both compounds are believed to be quite useful.

Copper gluconate vs Chelated copper

Chelated coppers are those copper supplement forms that are combined with amino acids. Compared to Copper gluconate and other copper supplement forms, Chelated copper is more readily absorbed in the bloodstream. While it may be preferred by some for its easy absorbability, long-term use of chelated copper may be dangerous. Hence, the use of Copper gluconate may be safer and more effective.

Copper gluconate vs Copper citrate

Copper citrate refers to copper bound to a citrate molecule. This combination is developed in an attempt to improve the absorbability of the compound. Copper citrate is also the most commonly used copper supplement form as it is easily mass-produced. Nonetheless, issues on poor bioavailability of the compound are typically encountered with Copper citrate. This is not, however, a problem with Copper gluconate which is readily bioavailable.

Zinc L-Methionine and Copper Gluconate

Zinc L-Methionine is a chelated form of zinc. It may be combined with Copper gluconate to improve the absorbability of the compound and to synergize the health benefits of using the compound. According to researches, the combination of Zinc L-Methionine and Copper Gluconate results in superior absorption and enhanced antioxidant properties of the compounds.

Copper gluconate supports bone health

How does Copper gluconate work?

Copper gluconate is absorbed in the body to help resolve the copper deficiency. In some researches, it is believed that Copper gluconate may affect the production of hormones and enzymes in the body which are responsible for the maintenance of vital bodily functions. One of the mechanisms of action of the compound is that it promotes iron absorption, thereby enhancing the production of red blood cells and overall cellular oxygenation. The compound may also improve the connectivity of tissues in the eyes, thereby potentially preventing cellular degeneration.

Copper gluconate benefits

The following are among the benefits of using Copper gluconate:

It addresses a copper deficiency

Copper deficiency is characterized by pale skin, problems with memory, weak and brittle bones, and many other symptoms. Taking Copper gluconate supplements may help resolve problems associated with copper deficiency as it increases overall copper reserves.

It enhances skincare

Copper gluconate supplementation has also been found to help improve skin appearance among individual users. This is because copper is important in maintaining the stabilization of skin proteins.

It supports bone health

Among the minerals necessary to prevent bone demineralization is copper. Based on studies, Copper gluconate supplementation may help support bone health and prevent the development of osteoporosis, especially among menopausal and post-menopausal women.

It boosts immune health

Another vital function of elemental copper is in the maintenance of overall immunity. This is the reason why persons suffering from copper deficiency experience long-term fatigue. It is believed that Copper gluconate supplementation may help boost overall immune health.

It supports excellent joint function

Copper is necessary for normal cartilage growth and development. Thus, taking Copper gluconate supplements may support excellent joint function and prevent rapid degeneration.

It supports red blood cell formation

The compound may also promote absorption of iron which is essential in red blood cell formation.

Copper gluconate side effects

Common side effects associated with Copper gluconate supplementation include headaches, nausea, vomiting, and other mild digestive tract symptoms. If adverse effects like difficulty in breathing and irregular heartbeat occur, users are advised to discontinue the use of the compound and seek immediate medical attention.

Copper gluconate dosage

The recommended dose for Copper gluconate supplementation is usually at 1.5 to 3 milligrams per day. The dosage may vary depending on the individual user’s age, weight, and overall physical condition.

Where to buy bulk Copper gluconate?

Bulk Copper gluconate is available at Nutriavenue, an FDA-registered ingredient supplier which offers high-quality dietary supplement ingredients at very affordable prices. Our company is recognized by Halal, Kosher, and GMP, making us among your best options for ingredient purchase.

For your convenience, we also offer shipping services through the sea, air, or couriers like UPS and FedEx.

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