Copper Gluconate: Anti-aging with Anemia Prevention Effects

Copper Gluconate

Copper Gluconate: Anti-aging with Anemia Prevention Effects

Potential evidences showing efficiency of Copper Gluconate in controlling the effects of aging has recently become a hit in the world of medical science. Although safety issues has become one of the controversial hindrances to the use of the compound in health supplement production and cosmetic product development, some researches show that Copper Gluconate can be safe when taken only within the recommended doses. Some groups of individuals are absolutely prohibited, however, from taking the compound through oral supplementation due to certain risks. Pregnant women as well as those who are lactating may need prior physician’s advice before taking any Copper Gluconate-containing dietary supplement.

What is Copper Gluconate?

The compound Copper Gluconate is an odorless bluish crystal powder classified as a copper salt. Copper is an essential trace mineral in the human body which supports vital functions. Although the compound can be taken from food sources, only a few classifications available in a modern man’s diet is shown to contain adequate levels of copper necessary for daily sustenance. The inclusion of Copper Gluconate in health supplement formulations is an effective way of meeting the body’s daily copper demands, thereby improving overall bodily processes including red blood cell production and iron absorption. There are many other benefits associated with Copper Gluconate supplementation but due to the absence of clear scientific evidences, the compound has not yet been approved as a therapeutic medication ingredient.

What are the benefits of using Copper Gluconate?

Maintaining adequate Copper levels in the body through Copper Gluconate supplementation is primarily beneficial. Some benefits of using Copper Gluconate include the following:

  • It may help treat anemia

Anemia is a blood disorder characterized by low oxygenation probably due to iron deficiency. In one study showing the efficiency of copper in increasing iron absorption, it was concluded that Copper Gluconate supplementation may be an essential management option for anemia treatment. Long-term use of Copper Gluconate, however, is necessary to observe the claimed health benefit as the increase in iron reserves only follows after copper deficiency is effectively treated.

  • It may help improve wound healing

One of the factors associated with slow wound healing is the reduction in copper levels. While established is the claim that copper is necessary for organ growth and development, the claim that it may help improve wound healing rate is not yet fully understood. Many health researchers say that Copper Gluconate supplementation may have a good connection with increase in wound healing rate among patients.

  • It works as an anti-aging element

Copper Gluconate supplementation has been shown to help control appearance of the early signs of aging among individuals approaching the elderly age. Copper is an essential component of the antioxidant superoxide dismutase, which is said to be one of the explanations as to how the compound may help control aging.


Taking health supplements with trace amounts of Copper Gluconate is essential for overall vital functions. It is generally safe for consumption among adult individuals.

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