Copper Gluconate: The Effective Bioactive Copper for Enhanced Immunity

Copper Gluconate

Copper Gluconate: The Effective Bioactive Copper for Enhanced Immunity

The trace mineral copper is important in the maintenance of various bodily processes and in the production of certain cells in the body. Although the daily needs of copper may be met through diet, statistical surveys reveal that a great proportion of the world population suffer from copper deficiency. This is the reason why experts have developed a bioactive form of copper which is now known as Copper Gluconate. Copper Gluconate supplementation is one of the most effective ways to resolve problems on copper deficiency. It is also useful in improving copper levels in the body, thereby improving overall wellness in several ways. Many experts recommend the inclusion of Copper Gluconate in health supplement formulations. It is quite beneficial for individual health, except when it is taken in excessive doses. Some individuals who are suffering from certain conditions may need to acquire physician’s recommendation prior to use of Copper Gluconate.

What is Copper Gluconate?

The compound Copper Gluconate is used primarily to treat copper deficiencies. It is now used in health supplement formulations to improve health and wellness, especially in the production of red blood cell component. Many experts believe that by increasing copper levels through Copper Gluconate supplementation, some problems associated with low oxygenation secondary to inadequate red blood cell supply may be prevented. Another important finding on Copper Gluconate supplementation is that it may be used in increasing testosterone levels among men. This finding can directly improve overall male sexuality characteristics such as lean muscle development. Copper Gluconate is believed to increase testosterone levels by controlling conversion of testosterone into estrogen in the male body. There are many other benefits of using sufficient amounts of Copper Gluconate but it must be taken only within recommended doses. Further studies must also be conducted to fully explain the mechanism of actions of Copper Gluconate supplements.

 What are the benefits of using Copper Gluconate?

Supplements with Copper Gluconate are beneficial for individuals of all ages. The following are some of the other health benefits of using the compound:

  • It may enhance overall immunity

Copper is necessary as well in the production of white blood cells. Experts say that by increasing Copper Gluconate levels, overall immunity may be improved among patients who are taking the supplement.

  • It may improve vision

Studies also show that Copper is necessary in the nourishment of eye tissues. Taking Copper Gluconate supplements may improve vision by ensuring adequate levels of copper in the eye tissues.

  • It improves bone health

Copper Gluconate is also important in improving bone health as it plays a vital role in promoting absorption of some bone nutrients. It may also be useful in enhancing bone density and preventing loss of bone mass.


Copper is useful in improving bone health, blood health and even immunity. Sufficient copper supply may be met through Copper Gluconate supplementation and diet.

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