Cordyceps extract: An Edible Mushroom Derivative for Enhanced Athletic Performance

Cordyceps extract

Cordyceps extract: An Edible Mushroom Derivative for Enhanced Athletic Performance

Edible medicinal mushrooms contribute to health and wellness in various ways. Today, one of the most popular beneficial mushrooms known as Cordyceps is being subjected to health studies as it is claimed to be useful in slowing down the aging process. It is beneficial not only among individuals who are seeking to improve their physical appearance through optimized skin health but also among athletes who wish to improve their overall athletic performance. Studies show that Cordyceps extract which is now being included in health supplement formulations is also useful in improving stamina. It is also known to have adaptogenic effects, which means that it helps users adapt to rapid change of environment and stress levels. Cordyceps extract is an ideal health supplement component for athletes and older adults.

What is Cordyceps extract?

Cordyceps is an interesting mushroom species which is known for its many medicinal contributions. Although it is mostly studied upon for its anti-aging and athletic effects, it is also known to improve function of other organ systems including cardiovascular and respiratory systems. In the field of alternative medicine, Cordyceps is rising in popularity as it is found to contain health compounds which contribute to general wellness. It is also currently becoming a top herbal supplement choice as it is discovered to contribute to cancer treatment by enhancing detoxification of circulating free radicals. Cordyceps extract contains several antioxidant compounds which help eliminate compounds in the body which are usually not removed through the kidneys. These antioxidants help reduce cancer risk and protect body cells from rapid deterioration.

Health benefits of using Cordyceps extract

Taking health supplements with relative amounts of Cordyceps extract may be useful for optimal health and vitality. The following are some of the advantages of using Cordyceps extract:

1. It promotes cardiovascular health

Studies show that some of the compounds in Cordyceps extract are effective in reducing risk for heart failure. It may also reduce risk for arrhythmias and myocardial infarction as it is found to have certain effects in reducing cholesterol levels.

2. It may help prevent Diabetes Mellitus

Lifestyle-induced diabetes known as Type II DM is also said to be prevented with Cordyceps extract supplementation. Studies show that by reducing cholesterol levels in the blood, glucose receptors in body cells are protected from cholesterol build-up, thus promoting glucose entry.

3. It strengthens immune system

The release of natural killer cells or NK cells is also observed to increase rapidly with Cordyceps extract supplementation. This means that the extract may have contributory effects in enhancing immune system function.


Using Cordyceps extract supplements is beneficial especially among athletes. It is also ideal for use among adults and younger individuals. It must be taken within recommended doses to prevent side effects.

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