Corn silk extract: Supplement for Hypertensives and Diabetics

Corn silk extract

Corn silk extract: Supplement for Hypertensives and Diabetics

Corn silk tea has become a very popular alternative medication for headaches, inflammatory conditions and other illnesses in the past few decades. In order to maximize the use of corn silk, experts have developed Corn silk extract through advanced processes of extraction and isolation and then included it into health supplement formulations. Today, many health supplement products contain Corn silk extract as it is believed to effectively promote wellness by preventing various forms of infections and enhancing functions of the cardiovascular system. Since corn is one of the most popular food sources, Corn silk extract is believed to be a safe and effective health supplement ingredient. There are no risks associated with the use of Corn silk extract but it must be taken only within recommended doses. It is very beneficial for individuals, both young and old.

What is Corn silk extract?

Corn silk extract is now becoming a worldwide popular health supplement ingredient as it is found to contain high amounts of compounds which are useful in promoting overall health. Studies show that some of the compounds in Corn silk extract are powerful detoxifying agents, meaning, they help cleanse the body from toxins and free radicals that are not eliminated by the excretory system through normal means. Corn silk extract also contains various flavonoid compounds which enhance cardiovascular function and prevent development of cancer cells in the body. The many benefits of using Corn silk extract have been established through quantitative researches conducted on animal and human subjects but no studies are yet available to fully explain how Corn silk extract works. Experts are also conducting further studies to discover more benefits associated with Corn silk extract supplementation.

Health benefits of using Corn silk extract

With the many compounds found in Corn silk extract, it is believed to be quite useful in enhancing overall wellness. The following are some of the benefits of using Corn silk extract:

  • It may help reduce blood pressure

Long-term blood pressure elevation is a risk factor for many conditions. Studies show that Corn silk extract supplementation can help reduce blood pressure and control dangerous effects of long-term hypertension. However, the mechanism for this action is not yet fully known.

  • It helps regulate blood sugar levels

Many studies also confirm the effects of Corn silk extract in reducing blood sugar levels. This benefit is useful among patients who are experiencing hyperglycemia due to ongoing Diabetes Mellitus conditions.

  • It may support weight loss efforts

Corn silk extract may also be used to reduce weight and promote fat loss. This is one of the most recent findings on Corn silk extract and its potential health benefits.


Corn silk extract is useful for everyday promotion of vital bodily processes. It must be used only within regulated doses to avoid serious effects of overdose.

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