Creek Yellow Grass extract: The Extract for Optimum Liver Health and Immunity

Creek Yellow Grass extract

Various grasses found in the immediate environment and those which grow only in specific regions are very useful to humankind as they are shown to provide favorable benefits when taken orally through health supplements or when applied topically to the skin. Among these beneficial grasses is the popular health supplement ingredient known as Creek Yellow Grass. The use of Creek Yellow Grass extract in the field of alternative medicine has become quite extensive in the past few years following its beneficial uses in the prevention and control of disorders affecting the liver and the gallbladder. The liver and the gallbladder are essential organs in fat metabolism, thereby making them necessary in everyday life for optimum wellness. Experts say that by taking Creek Yellow Grass extract supplements, liver function improves, thus promoting fat metabolism, drug metabolism and many others. The studies on Creek Yellow Grass extract are not as extensive, however, among human subjects.

What is Creek Yellow Grass extract?

Also known as Rabdosia Serra, Creek Yellow Grass is a well-known component of modern health supplement formulations. It is mostly used as an ingredient which enhances fat breakdown through enhancement of the bile production system. Researches show that Creek Yellow Grass extract may also be beneficial in promoting immune system functions. Overall enhancement of immunity is very useful in the prevention of various conditions, as well as infections brought about by bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. There is a need, however, to evaluate many of the health claims associated with extensive use of Creek Yellow Grass extract as it has been found to be dangerous when taken in excessively high doses. When taken in relatively low doses, as prescribed by physicians, Creek Yellow Grass extract is useful to humans. However, persons who are suffering from certain health conditions must consult their physicians before using Creek Yellow Grass extract supplements.

What are the other benefits of using Creek Yellow Grass extract?

The following are some of the health benefits of using Creek Yellow Grass extract in the form of supplement ingredients or when taken through tea:

  1. It improves joint health

Many researches have long established the benefit of using Creek Yellow Grass extract in terms of joint health enhancement. Studies show that Creek Yellow Grass extract effectively reduces joint inflammation and prevents further joint damage.

  1. It may ease hangover discomfort

Patients who are experiencing discomfort brought about by hangover may also find relief with Creek Yellow Grass extract supplementation. However, the effects are not immediate.

  1. It may promote body detoxification

Since the liver works as a toxin detoxifier, improving its function through Creek Yellow Grass extract supplementation is said to be very useful in overall body detoxification.


Experts have long conducted studies on Creek Yellow Grass extract and its potential benefits. Some of the health claims associated with Creek Yellow Grass extract use are still subject to deeper studies.

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