Croscarmellose sodium: The Super disintegrant for Longer Compound Bioavailability

Croscarmellose sodium

Croscarmellose sodium: The Super disintegrant for Longer Compound Bioavailability

The compound Croscarmellose sodium is used in the field of pharmaceutical production as it is shown to effectively facilitate better absorption of drugs in the small intestines. Studies show that the compound has the ability to expand by absorbing water, thereby preventing rapid deterioration of medicines or even supplements when introduced in the stomach. Although it is shown to be an effective inactive ingredient in many dietary supplements, experts say that Croscarmellose sodium must be used only in relatively low doses as excessive use of the compound may result to intestinal obstruction or blockage. Because Croscarmellose sodium absorbs water, it may enlarge in the intestines, thereby blocking passage of digested materials and causing serious damage. Croscarmellose sodium is ideal to make the effects of supplement ingredients last longer in the body and produce more benefits. On its own, it is also believed to provide other health benefits.

What is Croscarmellose sodium?

Croscarmellose sodium is compound claimed as a super disintegrant in terms of pharmaceutical product absorption. It enhances bioavailability of supplement ingredients and medicines by improving contract between body fluids and the medication. Although it is believed to be very useful, experts say that Croscarmellose sodium should be used with caution especially among patients who are hypertensive. In one study, it was shown that Croscarmellose sodium drastically increases blood pressure, thereby increasing risk for many serious medical conditions. Individuals who are suffering from blood pressure conditions, whether hypertension or hypotension, must seek consultation from physicians prior to using supplements with Croscarmellose sodium. It must be used only in very low doses as to prevent rapid blood pressure shoot up and possible arterial rupture. It must also be avoided by patients who are already diagnosed with certain serious medical conditions, except when Croscarmellose sodium use is prescribed by physicians.

What are the advantages of Croscarmellose sodium use?

The inclusion of Croscarmellose sodium has become widespread over the years as it has several advantages on nutrient and medicine absorption. The following are other benefits of using Croscarmellose sodium:

  1. It is gentler on stomach

Croscarmellose sodium is structured in such a way that it does not cause damage to the linings of the stomach and prevents drug components from damaging the stomach. It also allows easier breakdown of capsules and tablets.

  1. It has a smooth texture

Capsules and tablets with Croscarmellose sodium are also of smoother texture which makes it easier to run through the gastrointestinal tract. It also prevents crumbling in the mouth.

  1. It allows easier breakdown

The compound Croscarmellose sodium is also included in health supplement formulations as it allows easier breakdown of pills. This is shown in several health studies.


Croscarmellose sodium use is very beneficial but caution must also be raised as excessive doses may cause several side effects. Further studies are necessary to prove the effects of Croscarmellose sodium in the body.

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