Cuminum Cyminum extract: Weight Loss and Irritable Bowel Syndrome Control

Cuminum Cyminum extract

Cuminum Cyminum extract: Weight Loss and Irritable Bowel Syndrome Control

Being the second most well- known spices, cumin is slowly becoming popular as well in the field of alternative medicine. However, its extract form, Cuminum Cyminum extract, is commonly included in health supplement formulations as it is shown to yield high amounts of cumin and other essential compounds. The supplement ingredient Cuminum Cyminum extract is very popular these days as it is shown to effectively promote weight loss. This finding, however, is only observed under quantitative laboratory tests, the exact mechanism of action of the extract being still unknown. The effect of Cuminum Cyminum extract on obesity and overweight status is currently the center of interest as it is believed to be the key in discovering many other benefits of using the extract. It must be used with caution, however, among patients who are diagnosed with certain conditions as it may cause dangerous effects.

What is Cuminum Cyminum extract?

Cuminum Cyminum extract is a beneficial supplement ingredient which is primarily used in promoting weight loss. The plant source of the extract is widely distributed across many regions throughout the world. It is known as a popular spice with many health benefits. In several studies, experts have found that Cuminum Cyminum extract may also be beneficial in controlling cholesterol levels. This health effect may result in the prevention of various health conditions including cardiovascular disorders and Diabetes Mellitus Type II. The cholesterol controlling effects of Cuminum Cyminum extract may also improve wellness by enhancing overall appearance of individuals. Although shown to be quite beneficial, there are limited studies conducted evidencing exact physiologic effects of Cuminum Cyminum extract. Individuals who are taking medications and those who are immune-compromised due on going illnesses must consult their physicians prior to using Cuminum Cyminum extract.

What are the benefits of using Cuminum Cyminum extract?

The compound Cumin in Cuminum Cyminum extract also improves function of many organ systems of the body. The following are some of the other health benefits of using Cuminum Cyminum extract supplements:

  • It controls irritable bowel syndrome symptoms

Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS is found to affect many individuals worldwide. Studies show that taking relative amounts of Cuminum Cyminum extract may be useful in controlling symptoms associated with the condition, although the pharmacodynamic effect is not yet fully understood.

  • It may improve memory

A new study reveals that Cuminum Cyminum extract may also improve memory. However, this claim is not yet subjected to confirmatory studies. If proven effective, experts may explore on the other effects of Cuminum Cyminum extract on overall cognition.

  • It may improve iron levels

Cuminum Cyminum extract may also effectively increase iron, thereby improving hemoglobin levels and preventing iron deficiency anemia. This is shown in certain health studied.


There are several pilot studies being conducted on Cuminum Cyminum extract and its health effects. It is beneficial for individuals of all ages but it should be used only within recommended doses

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