Curcuma longa extract: A Scientifically-Proven Cancer Preventer

Curcuma longa extract

Curcuma longa extract: A Scientifically-Proven Cancer Preventer

Being promoted widely as a wellness enhancer for its many bioactive compounds, Curcuma longa extract, or otherwise known as Turmeric extract, is now becoming among the most popular health supplement ingredients all over the world. The main active ingredient in Curcuma longa extract which is known as Curcumin is found by modern scientific research as a highly potential antioxidant compound which not only prevents cancer progression but also helps prevent inflammation. Experts say that the anti-inflammatory effects of Curcumin in Curcuma longa extract works not only against trauma-induced inflammations but also those which are caused by infections. Other inflammatory conditions affecting other organ systems of the human body may also be prevented with Curcuma longa extract supplementation, according to modern researches.

What is Curcuma longa extract?

The health supplement ingredient Curcuma longa extract is more commonly known as Turmeric. It is currently gaining popularity in various communities as it is shown to surpass action of certain medications. Due to lack of scientific explanations on the exact patterns of action of the compounds in Curcuma longa extract, however, it has not yet been recognized as a medicine. In alternative therapies, however, Curcuma longa extract is highly advised for individual use as it strengthens immunity and overall vitality. For patients who are undergoing chemotherapy, the use of Curcuma longa extract is also advisable as it strengthens body organs during treatment and prevents most of the dangerous side effects of chemotherapy. Some researchers also say that Curcuma longa extract may be useful in promoting skin vitality as it helps enhance the appearance of skin, especially when taken through health supplements.

What are the benefits of using Curcuma longa extract?

There are many reasons why Curcuma longa extract supplementation is advisable. Aside from its well-known health benefits, Curcuma longa extract is also believed to provide the following advantages:

  1. It may help lower down cholesterol

Many experts claim that Curcuma longa extract is as powerful in cholesterol control as Lipitor, the most popular cholesterol drug brand. This claim is not yet, however, proven. In quantitative researches, it has been established that Curcuma longa extract may indeed decrease hypercholesterolemia.

  1. It may prevent depression

Unknown to individuals, Curcuma longa extract may also have effects in preventing and curing depression experienced by a great proportion of the population. Experts say that Curcuma longa extract enhances overall mood and prevent fluctuations of neurotransmitters.

  1. It may prevent obesity

Patients with obesity may also use Curcuma longa extract to lower down their weight and maintain a healthy BMI. Studies show that Curcuma longa extract may have effects in weight control.


Curcuma longa extract is fast-rising in the field of medicinal supplements as a highly potential ingredient. It is also generally safe for use among individual users.

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