Is Curcumin Powder In Bulk Really Insoluble In Water?

Curcumin powder in bulk

Curcumin ingredients of various specifications are generally insoluble in water on the market. Curcumin with low water solubility is unstable under physiological and alkaline conditions, and its rapid metabolism will lead to low oral bioavailability of curcumin. It has seriously restricted the further development and promotion of curcumin powder.

In response to this problem, the industry teamed up with Professor Han Min from the School of Pharmacy of Zhejiang University and Professor Zhao Zhen from Cornell University to create the CGSF technology through modern preparation technology and innovatively developed water-soluble curcumin.

What is CGSF Technology?

Curcumin and USP food-grade excipients are directly mixed by CGSF technology. The process is free of any solvent and separation technology, without pollution and waste, and conforms to green environmental protection and low-carbon sustainable development.

The insoluble curcumin is wrapped in the excipient’s hydrophobic core, and the excipient’s hydrophilic shell is compatible with water. In an aqueous solution, the nano-micelle structure of the hydrophobic core-hydrophilic shell is assembled, thereby increasing the solubility of curcumin. It can quickly form a gel in the body and adhere to the site of action, delaying the release of curcumin and thereby increasing the concentration and bioavailability of curcumin at the site of action.


Curcumin 60% powder in bulk has the advantages of a high absorption rate and high water solubility. We use high-quality curcumin (≥95%) from India as the initial raw material to prepare 60% curcumin, ensuring that the curcumin content of the product is above 60%.

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